Jon Jones' career may well now be over, and that's terrible news for everyone involved...

It seems that Jon Jones has not moved on with the fans calling Khabib, the “GOAT” of MMA. Jones went on to post his title reign compared to Khabib’s but then deleted it.

It was during Khabib’s last fight that people were in awe of how dominant he was, considering he was injured coming in the fight. Fans were calling him the GOAT which obviously did not seat well with Jones. He then went on to twitter and asking to put respect on his name and just be realistic.

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This is what Jones posted after Khabib’s retirement fight.

Although you could not take away what Jones did throughout his career. He was the youngest UFC champion, and he might be the most talented fighter in UFC History. His only defeat was from a DQ from a fight he was clearly winning. The only argument to why Jones is not the GOAT for some people is his failed drug tests.

They say that the only guy that can beat Jones is Jones himself which has been proven time and time again. The only times he lost the belt was either testing positive for PEDs or him not being able to control his inner demons. He has been caught with DUI a couple of times which is unfortunate.

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If he had not had any failed drug tests, he is easily the GOAT in everyone’s list. He has basically cleaned out the division and has reigned for so long that other divisions already had numerous champions switched.

Also worth noting that there are still a lot of fighters in the argument namely, GSP who basically dominated the welterweight division for such a long time and even went on to win the UFC middleweight belt after a long layoff, and there is Demetrious Johnson who had the most consecutive title defenses and he was a smaller compared to his competitors?

Georges St-Pierre choked Michael Bisping out cold to win the UFC middleweight title…

So who do you think is the GOAT of MMA? Of course the argument will still go on after 50 years and it is indeed subjective but it is always fun to stir the pot every now and then. Fans will always talk about the greatest athletes in their respective sport.

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