Jorge Masvidal ‘Happy’ to Break Kamaru Usman’s Face on Short Notice

By Darren
Jorge Masvidal ‘Happy’ to Break Kamaru Usman’s Face on Short Notice

What a week it is for Jorge Masvidal. ‘Street Jesus’ will fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title in Abu Dhabi. The pair will duke it out on Yas Island, as part of the UFC’s ‘Fight Island’ label. Masvidal is a massive fan-favorite, while Usman is one of the most dangerous champions in the promotion.

Masvidal had a high-profile contract dispute with the UFC. However, all is well in the world now because the UFC is desperate. Both men must still complete two more health tests before the fight. Meanwhile, Masvidal only has a week to make weight after taking the fight on short notice.

Furthermore, Masvidal identified former opponents Stephen Thompson and Nate Diaz as the two men he wants to fight next, if he wins. But beating a dominant wrestler like Usman will not be easy at all. Who do you think will win this fight?

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The BMF champion is very happy to ‘break Usman’s face.’ Only time will tell if he actually achieves this. However, Masvidal will not fight anybody is he is underpaid. The Miami native knows his value now and is refusing to compromise when it comes to this discussion.

“I’m happy, more than anything, because I get to break this guy’s face, and get paid for it,” Masvidal told Ariel Helwani in a recent interview. “But one thing I’m not gonna do, which I’ve done a long part of my career, is get underpaid. That’s not gonna happen. Not from here going forward.

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‘Gamebred’ warned that the UFC must pay him if they want him to fight. In short, that’s why he’s back because they were desperate at short notice. But Masvidal benefits from his hard stance and will encourage other fighters to follow in his footsteps. However, can he actually beat Usman on short notice? That’s the risk he is willing to take. He said:

“Since I came back from [indecipherable] after the Till fight, me and my management sat down. We discussed the numbers where I needed to be at, and we needed to hit those very quick. We’re not there yet, but we’re headed in that direction.

So, moving forward after this fight, they’re going to treat me accordingly, or—you know? I just step in last minute, six days ago, and get paid then, I guess. Just do the scheme I have to do, whatever. But, I’m gonna get paid every time out.”

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Masvidal also explained why he resisted fighting Usman before. In short, the money just wasn’t right. The UFC tried to force him into a ten-fight contract. This would stop him from ever competing for another promotion. To sum up, as a veteran of the game, this just wasn’t an option for Masvidal. He also didn’t appreciate the lack of pay-per-view points. He said:

“I’m not talking about the current deal, but the initial deal – with what’s his face’s name [Usman] – was a s**t deal on the PPV end and on the guaranteed side. So, again, I have two negatives. I could understand you don’t want to give me that much in guarantee. But on the PPV, what I bring in, what people purchase? I want more money in that. And they weren’t budging on that, and neither was I. So all this craziness had to happen for them to come to their senses.”