Conor McGregor Accepts Dustin Poirier Rematch in 2020

2020 just got even crazier. Conor McGregor accepted a rematch with Dustin Poirier. After he pretended to retire for the third time, the Irishman made it clear that he’s willing to fight ‘The Diamond’ again. However, his stipulation is that it happens this year. That is realistic because there are vacancies on UFC 255 and 256 after fighters withdrew.

McGregor’s last appearance was against Donald Cerrone last January. He put on a phenomenal display as he eviscerated the American in under a minute. He intended to use that fight to kick off a ‘season.’ However, the pandemic ended his plans as the UFC didn’t want to use him without a crowd.

The Notorious is currently at odds with UFC President Dana White. The latter shredded him in an interview after the Irishman leaked screenshots of a message exchange. But McGregor wants to fight in MMA again and is tired of waiting. Now a clash with Poirier appears realistic if the UFC accepts.

Challenge Accepted

McGregor and Poirier recently publically declared their intention to fight for charity. In short, this rattled the UFC into action and they appear tentatively read to make the match. The pair fought before in 2014 when McGregor first burst onto the scene. He won by first-round TKO and gave birth to his ‘Mystic Mac’ persona. McGregor tweeted:

“Hello Dustin! I accepted the offer to fight you, but told them it must happen in 2020. I’m ready for Nov 21st, given that cards recent injury issues, as well as any of the December dates, the 12th and the 19th. I’ll also still donate the $500k to The Good Fight Foundation.”

The Good Fight Foundation is Poirier’s charity in his hometown, Lafayette in Louisiana. Say what you like about McGregor, but this is a classy touch. The Irishman received a lot of negative publicity over the past number of months but recent sexual assault allegations appear to be groundless.

Makes Sense

Meanwhile, ‘The Diamond’ believes that this is a good fight for McGregor. It won’t be easy, but it sets him up for another title shot. Poirier at lightweight is a different force to his featherweight days. He even looks big enough to fight a division higher. It will be fascinating to see how he fares against the Irishman in a potential rematch.

“Look at it from his side, for sure there’s some upside there,” Poirier said. “Khabib said if him or Tony beat me that he would give them a shot at the title, so if that holds any weight, he’s looking at that. I don’t know what his ambition is, I don’t know how hungry he is to be the UFC lightweight world champion. If it is, a fight with me makes a lot of sense to get the next title shot.

“He could push for a fight with Tony. That would be an exciting fight. I’m a fan of the sport and I think that would be a good fight to watch, but Tony is coming off of a loss. I just had the interim title, I’m number two, I’m coming off of a win, a Fight of the Year contender, I think it makes more sense. Every fight is a chance or a risk, no matter how prepared you are. If you’re gonna risk something, do it with the top guy and get a title shot.”

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Unsurprisingly, White isn’t excited about McGregor. He also criticized the Irishman for trying to steal Israel Adesanya’s thunder after his recent win over Paulo Costa. The pair currently have a tense relationship and it doesn’t look like they will be sending cards to each other this holiday season. White told Sports Illustrated:

“There’s almost a pattern here. When we’re about to do a massive fight — and Israel Adesanya broke a ton of records last week in a global, massive fight — the day before that fight, he starts announcing he’s going to fight this guy and that guy. It’s almost like stealing Adesanya’s thunder. But, he does it every time there’s a big fight.”

Of course, it’s crazy to get excited about a McGregor fight until he signs the paper. A lot could happen before then. For example, he may end up in a jail cell again. The Irishman also said that he intends to fight Manny Pacquaio next year. That appears to be doubtful now.

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