Mike Perry is an unusual individual. The Florida-native stunned the MMA world when he decided to forgo an established coach as his corner in his last fight. Instead, he turned to his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez who instantly won the attention of fans around the world.

Now ‘Platinum’ intends to follow-up that decision with something similar for his next fight. Perry’s performance against Mickey Gall was very good but his next opponent is a former champion, Robbie Lawlor. However, Perry doesn’t care. Now he’s opened up corner duties to the highest bidder. The winner will work with Gonzalez and receive a whole load of social media attention.

Of course, Darren Till made waves by instantly promising to bid. This stole the imaginations of fans because the two men have a tense relationship. Till is an epic troll and regularly torments Perry online. In short, it has to happen. But a number of personalities from the adult film world are now adding their voices, including Kendra Lust.

Done Deal

Till decided to entertain every UFC troll out there by promising to pay $5,000 to corner Perry. After promising to ‘raw dog’ the Florida native’s girlfriend, Perry took offense. He blocked the Liverpudlian on every social network and cut off all ties with him. Before, the pair of them had a decent relationship and even trained together. Till insists that he has nothing but love for Perry.

Then Perry’s manager confirmed that they were happy to take Till’s money and allow him to corner their fighter. However, a new issue arose when Till asked his fans how much they would pay him to throw in the towel. Needless to say, Perry isn’t amused by that so it might puncture our hopes of seeing Till in the corner with Latory.

Next Up

But it isn’t over. A number of other personalities want to capitalize on this great moment in MMA history. Adult actress Kendra Lust joined in by promising Perry $6000 as long as he allowed both her and Till in his corner. However, ‘Platinum’s girlfriend responded to the porn star and shut it down straight away.

This wasn’t the last attempt from the porn world to get involved. Check out Cam Soda’s attempt to get involved. They bid $10,000 to have one of their ‘models’ be with Gonzalez in the corner. We’re not sure if they know about the strict Reebok uniform guidelines but we’re pretty sure Cam Soda don’t care. Check out their bid below.

Highest Bidders

This isn’t the first time that an MMA fighter has asked fans to bid to be cornermen. Brian Ebersole, Cody McKenzie, and Chad Laprise all did so in the past. However, Perry’s reputation for being a wildman makes him the most high-profile figure to go down this route. The UFC fighter recently hit an older man in a restaurant. After this, the UFC said that he had to seek psychiatric treatment before they booked him again.

Now that they’ve sorted a fight, it’s time for him to step it up and prove that he belongs in the upper echelons of the division. Perry’s most high-profile win is over Paul Felder but Robbie Lawlor would be a great scalp. They’ll scrap at UFC 255 in November.

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