Khabib Nurmagamedov v Justin Gaetjhe is fast approaching. The pair will fight at the end of this month at UFC 254 in Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the most eagerly-anticipated fights of the year with a number of storylines. How will Khabib look after the tragic loss of his father? Can Justin Gaethje stop Khabib from grinding through him?

Meanwhile, the trash talk is heating up. It’s all very respectful but both men fully believe that they will win. Khabib lit a fire under Gaethje last week when he said that he believes that he has a higher fight IQ than his American counterpart. Needless to say, Gaetjhe disagrees.

Furthermore, Gaethje wants to inflict damage on the Russian and drag him through the meat grinder. He thinks that the champion will wilt under pressure because he has never faced adversity. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Khabib has avoided adversity by being too good for everybody else.

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Gaethje’s game has evolved under the tutelage of Trevor Wittman. Khabib acknowledged this but rates ‘The Highlight’s’ coach as better than his fighter. However, Gaethje thinks that his power will cause major disruption for ‘The Eagle.’

“My confidence is probably my biggest factor right now paired with the power that I possess paired with the coach that I have,” Gaethje said (per MMA Fighting). “That’s a dangerous combination. And I don’t care if I win or lose at the end of the day. As long as I make my family happy, as long as I’m proud of my performance, then it doesn’t matter. That’s what makes me most dangerous. I don’t know if he’s fought somebody like that.”

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The interim champion also thinks that Khabib is overestimating his chin. The only fighter to rock the champion was Michael Johnson. But Gaethje says that he can damage the Dagestani. Furthermore, he pointed to his own wrestling pedigree.

“Anybody can go to sleep,” he said. “He’s a fool if he doesn’t think he can go to sleep. I’ve wrestled my whole life. I wrestle a lot in there. A huge part of wrestling is not being able to let someone take you down and hold you down. That was my main focus my whole life when I wrestled. I never had a great offense but you could not take me down, you could not hold me down. I’m going to use that.”

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Finally, Gaethje says that he is just superior in all departments. He also said that if Khabib takes him down, he will work from the ground to damage the 28-0 undefeated champion. ‘The Highlight’ said:

If I do get taken down, I’ve got to make him work like his life depends on it. If he does take me down, I need to make sure that I threaten him with something up the middle that is going to make him hesitate the next time. That’s what I’ll be in there doing.”

“I’m going to try to beat him into submission. I want him to quit. I want him to know I’m the superior athlete, the superior man. That’s the goal of this game.”

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