Chris Weidman has two wins and five losses from his last seven UFC fights. However, the former middleweight champion remains convinced that he can defeat Israel Adesanya. Weidman’s most recent octagon appearance was a win over Omari Akhmedov. However, before that, he lost by KO to Dominick Reyes and Jacare Souza.

In sum, many people believed that he would retire if he lost to Akhmedov. But Weidman is bullish about his future and the chance of reclaiming his title. Needless to say, Adesanya is not impressed by the New Yorker’s claims, but he is amused. Over the past few days, their beef has heated up.

Do you think that Weidman has a chance of beating Adesanya or is he just delusional? Check out their messages back-and-forth below. It would almost be funny if Weidman talked himself into a title fight but that is unlikely. Never say never in the UFC though.

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Easy Money

In short, Weidman believes that because he finished both Anderson Silva and Kelvin Gastelum that he would beat Adesanya. The Last Stylebender took decision wins over both men. His first over Silva was dominant, while the latter was one of the greatest fights of all-time. However, Weidman disagrees. He tweeted:

“Hey, I just realized I have 2 common opponents with Adesanya…Gastelum who I finished. Then Silva who I finished twice. Israel Adesanya squeaked by decisions on both of those guys.. Adesanya is just another Silva without the black belt in Jitsu. Easy Money.”

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Crazy Talk

Of course, Adesanya had nothing but contempt for this perspective. Weidman’s recent habit of suffering vicious knockouts won’t convince anybody that he will beat one of the greatest strikers in the history of MMA. Furthermore, Adesanya believes that his superb takedown defense would shut down Weidman’s strategy.

“Chris Weidman… get some wins first please. I already have you figured out. I’ve sized you up a few times. Watched you hit and miss I know how to f**k up your single and double leg attacks I’m 10 steps ahead like I said. I knew I would use this clip one day to prove that I knew!”

It would be interesting to see somebody really try to pressure Adesanya. If anybody could have done it, it would have been Yoel Romero, however, the Cuban blew that opportunity.


Then Weidman went back on the attack and called the champion ‘two-faced.’ It’s almost as though he forgot that he started this beef, not the other way around. His name definitely wasn’t on Adesanya’s lips before he went on Twitter. Nonetheless, he got very defensive and responded again to ‘The Last Stylebender.’

“You were very nice to my face that night to be talking like that on your phone. Two faced as hell! I would grab your weak ass and crush you! YOU remember our interactions that night and YOU know this is a problem you don’t want.”

You have to imagine that the worst outcome of all of this for Weidman would be an actual fight against Adesanya. Although you could imagine the MMA Gods rubbing their hands together and causing chaos.
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