Colby Covington has finally had his mouth shut in the most brutal way possible. During his welterweight title fight with Kamaru Usman, he had his jaw broken. Finally, he was knocked out by ‘The Nigerian Nightmare.” Typically, despite being unable to speak, Covington was still able to complain.

However, many people in the MMA world took glee from his defeat. ‘Chaos’ has been a thorn in the side of many in his division. The Oregon native has insulted the entire nation of Brazil. He has irritated Dana White. Another thing he has done is annoy his one-time friend Jorge Masvidal.

‘Gamebred’ will in all likelihood get the next title shot against Kamaru Usman. He gleefully took the moment to insult Covington and rub salt into his wounds.

Not a Man

Masvidal didn’t hold back on Twitter. He took aim at Covington, claiming that his teammate isn’t a man. He also claims that the MAGA cap-wearing fighter should have paid his coach. Those are some harsh words from ‘Gamebred,’ who has had a stellar 2019. He wrote:

“They say never kick a man when he is down but you not a man. Should’ve paid my coach, it’s cheaper than getting your jaw wired shut #thecrucifixation.”

Maybe Colby should just keep his head down for a while.


The BMF champion followed it up with a shout out to his former opponent, Ben Askren. He famously knocked out ‘Funky’ earlier in the year with a brutal flying knee. In short, it was one of the best knockouts of the year. But Masvidal has some respect for Askren after beating him. That’s because the former ONE and Bellator champion didn’t hide away from losing and handled it gracefully. He wrote:

Shout out to @Benaskren who never tucked tail after his loss. Made no excuses. Took it on the chin and never censored the haters like a coward #theresurrection


Covington was furious after the fight. He raced from the octagon before the decision. Then he took aim at referee Marc Goddard. ‘Chaos’ believes that the stoppage was early. Do you think that it was justified or did Marc Goddard jump the gun? He tweeted

“Normally people do their f**king in the bedroom, not the octagon @marcgoddard_uk! I go in there to kill or be killed. You robbed me of that. You robbed the people of a fair fight. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fake nut shot. Fake eye poke. Fake stoppage. Fake ref. #ufc245″

Then he posted on Instagram:

“Just a kid from Oregon chasing the American Dream. Working hard and earning everything in my life the hard way since day one. I put myself out there in front of the world to kill or be killed. Marc Godard robbed me tonight with piss poor officiating. He let my opponent fake injuries for extra time and stopped the fight early. Just like America, my will and spirit can never be broken. Speed bumps can’t slow me down. You people ain’t seen nothing yet. #ufc245.”

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