Khabib Nurmagamedov must feel like he’s on top of the world right now. The UFC lightweight champion is riding a 27 fight unbeaten winning streak. In short, he’s one of the most dominant fighters to ever step into an MMA cage. Nobody has been able to trouble him so far in his career.

Since joining the UFC, he’s only dropped a single round. That was against Conor McGregor and only because he was taking a breather after putting two rounds of intense punishment on the Irishman. Then he went and submitted his toxic rival. However, the pair still really don’t like each other.

Nurmagamedov has repeated that McGregor will never get another title shot against him. He even went as far as calling ‘The Notorious’ an idiot. After all of the bad blood between these two men, we’re not that surprised.

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Khabib is known to be very respectful to his opponent unless they are the ones being disrespectful. The time for talking is over now. He also thinks McGregor is just an idiot who won’t even fight anymore.

“It’s nice for me, because even when I keep quiet and even when I don’t say anything people can weigh it up for themselves,” Khabib told RT Sport. “‘Hang on, this guy talks and this guy just acts’. Just talking is one thing, but when it comes to doing it, he’s completely different. So for me there are no kind of announcements or insults.

“He’s an idiot. We don’t pay attention to idiots.

Khabib Nurmagamedov. Mandatory Credit: Instagram.

No Rematch

Despite McGregor saying that he wants a rematch, Khabib doesn’t believe him. He thinks that the Irishman took too much punishment to really be craving another fight. Furthermore, he says that McGregor has to get back to the top of the division first.

“Honestly I don’t think he wants that fight. How is that so? I beat him up for four rounds,” he said of the Irishman. “I beat him and choked him and he tapped. It was a sign he didn’t want to be there, ‘let me go please’ and all that. And now he wants the rematch.

”First of all he has to earn it. We’re in the fourth year since his last victory,” Khabib added. “It’s been three years and now we’re in the fourth. In order to fight for the title I had to win 10 fights in a row in the UFC. That’s not counting the 16 victories I had outside the UFC.

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Finally, Khabib said that the difference between the two men is that he does his talking in the cage. He believes that McGregor has tarnished his reputation by taking too much time out and behaving disrespectfully. He said:

“In every fight, I earned it not with my mouth but with my actions. That’s where we’re different – he talks about it, I just do it.”

‘The Eagle’ should fight Tony Ferguson in April next year. That is one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC. Let’s hope it finally goes down. Is ‘El Cucuy’ the man who can put an end to Khabib’s winning streak?

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