Chaos has erupted in Puerto Rico. Pro boxer KO’s his opponent then goes berserk, attacking the cornermen and eating some HUGE shots…

Boxing is one of those sports where almost anything can happen. During the some 120 years of professional pugilism, we’ve literally seen some insane moments. Inside and outside the ring, the sport of fighting can produce some truly epic occurrences.

Boxing fans may remember the time famed parachutist James Miller interrupted the Riddick Bowe vs. Evannder Holyfield rematch in 1994. After circling the arena in Los Angeles, Miller smashed in to the ring mid-fight.

Lopez Brawl

Leading us nicely to the subject of today’s article, a boxer named Juan Manuel Lopez. Taking on Wilfredo Vazquez Junior in Puerto Rico last night, Lopez caused massive controversy. The stoppage was perhaps debatable, but that was not the issue.

After the referee stepped in to stop the fight, Lopez appeared to completely lose his mind. Although he’d won by stoppage, Juan Manuel didn’t look like he was ready to stop fighting. Lopez rushed across the ring and started fighting against Vazquez’s cornerman.

YouTube video

Juan Manuel Lopez TKO’s Vazquez Then Goes Insane

In fairness to Vasquez’s cornerman, he actually landed the better shots in that crazy exchange. Once again Puerto Rico has produced fireworks after a fight has finished.

There were heated scenes at the weigh-ins and press conference leading up to this fight, though. ‘Juanma’ and Vazquez got up close and personal a number of times. The media lapped it up too.

YouTube video

That’s Entertainment

Likely leading to another fight down the line, this exciting rivalry has been non-stop the whole way. From the pre-fight, to the fight itself, and then the viral brawl. Lopez bounced back from two straight losses after defeating Vazquez, his record now stands at 35-5.

Vazquez drops to 24-7, and this is his fourth straight loss.

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