Some would say that you have to be a little crazy already just to be a fighter. After all these are people who have decided that the best way to make a living for themselves is to fight other human beings. But chances are if you are reading this you are a big MMA fan, which means you might be a little crazy as well.

from FoxSports
from FoxSports

Some fighters are a little bit more crazy than others however, and this article focusses on the craziest in the sport’s history.

Whether it was a momentary break from reality, or a full-on dive into the world of insanity, every fighter on this list has gone a little crazier than their colleagues.

Here are 8 MMA fighters who went a little crazy…

from thesportster
from thesportster

8. Junie Browning

You might remember Junie Browning as TUF season 8’s token drunken train wreck. But out of all the drunken train wrecks that have ever appeared on the show, Browning’s train was the most wrecked.

Junie was 1W-1L in the UFC when his craziness finally crossed an unacceptable level to the UFC brass. One night Browning OD’d on prescription pills and was taken to a hospital. Evidently Junie was not appreciative of the care he was receiving and assaulted and threatened hospital staff. Allegedly he also threatened to rape the hospital staff’s families. Not very nice Junie.

The UFC fired him afterwards.

Browning’s fight career plummeted afterwards as well. He went 1W-5L outside of the UFC, his last fight being in 2012.

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