The 10 Best Southpaws in MMA

By Dazzler
The 10 Best Southpaws in MMA

Southpaw Fighters Carry a Mystique About Them That Orthodox Fighters Just Don’t Have… Just By Standing in the Opposite Stance You Immediately Unsettle Your Opponent… But Who Are the 10 Best Southpaws in MMA?

There are a lot of strikers in MMA with different backgrounds in combat sports. It’s a fact that what you train in as a young martial artist will drastically influence your MMA style as well. For example, boxers will typically stick to one stance with their power hand behind them. Kickboxers may choose to switch stances to unsettle their opponent.

As most people are right-handed, they usually fight in an orthodox stance. This means that most fighters will train with orthodox sparring partners as well. Southpaw fighters can have an advantage because the dynamic suddenly changes from what they’re used to.

Most southpaws are left-handed, but some choose to fight with their power hand in front. Let’s check out the 10 best southpaw stance fighters in MMA.

Israel Adesanya. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Israel Adesanya

The new kid on the block, Israel Adesnaya’s rise has been remarkable. The Nigerian-born-New Zealander is one of the slickest strikers that the UFC has ever signed and it’s helped him to rise to the lofty position of interim middleweight champion.

Adesanya’s inclusion on this list is actually a bit of a cheat because he constantly switches stances. However, he’s naturally left-handed and his most effective and devastating attacks will typically come from southpaw.