If we look at the current rankings in the UFC, Jon Jones is ranked at the top despite not fighting since February of 2020. Meanwhile, Kamaru Usman has three times since Jones’s last fight and all beat in an impressive fashion, especially his last two fights where he knocked them both out.

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Not only that but Jones is not the champion of any division as he chose to relinquished his belt since he decided to move up and try to fight at heavyweight. As of the moment, Jones is still bulking up and has no fight announced yet on when he will fight next.

Jones’s last two performances were razor thin and his fight with Reyes was so controversial that many thought Reyes won the fight. Jones looked slow and him moving up to fight bigger stronger would backfire but Jones’s talent has saved him from a lot of troubles.

As for Kamaru Usman, he is undefeated in his UFC career and looked invincible in his last performances. The scary thing is he keeps improving especially his striking, where he just knocked out Jorge Masvidal. For those not aware, Jorge Masvidal may have a lot of losses but this was the first time that he has been knocked out cold.

Outside of Khabib, Usman has been also one of the most dominant fighters where if he somehow doesn’t finish his opponent he would likely win all rounds in a fight. Talk about being the best welterweight that is just many levels above his contenders.

Kamaru Usman also beaten the current top 1 to 4 welterweight contenders and all in an impressive fashion. Usman might be running out of contenders, his next fights are likely more rematches. Does Usman look beatable or will he reign the division for quite a while like GSP did?

Do you think Jones still deserves to be the number 1 pound for pound despite not fighting or staying active as Usman. Not only that his last few performances were not as impressive or dominant as Usman did. Yes, Jones is considered as one the greatest mixed martial artist but at the current time Usman deserves to be at the top.

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