10 Times Colby Covington Was UFC’s Biggest Villain

By ross

It’s quite possible that Colby Covington is the most hated man in the UFC, and it’s a role that he appears to relish.

“I’m the super villain of the whole entire UFC,” he once declared with pride.

So how exactly did he earn that dubious distinction?

In this article we’ll show how as we look back at 10 times Covington lived up to his reputation as one of the most outspoken, controversial and wholly unapologetic bad boys to ever have set foot in the Octagon.

Covington vs. Brazil

Colby Covington quickly made himself public enemy No.1 in Brazil when he travelled there to fight Demian Maia in 2017.

“Brazil, you’re a dump! All you filthy animals suck!” Covington yelled at the crowd after they booed him during his post-fight interview.

Luckily for Covington the translator didn’t relay what he’d just said in Portugese for the Sao Paulo fans in attendance, but nonetheless he was relentlessly pelted with bottles on his way out of the arena.

Fearing for his safety, the UFC then pulled Covington out of making an appearance at the post-fight presser and instead had him in lockdown at his hotel with armed guards protecting him until he left the country.

Undeterred, Covington later issued a mock apology to “any filthy animals I offended,” and, despite receiving death threats from a prominent Favela gang leader, he vowed to fight again in Brazil when he was lined up to face Rafael dos Anjos.

In the end the UFC wisely opted to host it in Chicago instead…which coincidentally he’d also go on to bad mouth, saying, “no longer Michael Jordon left this dump.”