Ouch… That Had to Have Hurt… Azat Hovhannisyan Landed a Three-Shot Combo on His Opponent… That Sounds Great Except All of the Punches Were to His Victim’s Groin… Not Fun…

Sometimes in boxing and mixed martial arts, low blows can happen. They’re the one shot that will make even the biggest and strongest man curl up in agony. We get it, now again it’s just misfortune. Maybe the opponent has turned at the wrong moment, or you just misdirect your shot.

However, some fighters are cynical and will try to use it to their advantage. There is no worst sportsmanship in the combat game than attacking another man’s groin. It’s just not done. Referees will usually give a warning the first time it happens if they think it’s accidental, but repeated offences will result in points deducted.

Azat Hovhannisyan went too far this weekend when he decided to launch a one-man vendetta against Lolito Sonsona. Poor Sonsona might never have children after his nether regions were repeatedly assaulted. Watch the painful footage below.

Low Blow

Hovhannisyan took on Lolito Sonsona on the undercard of Golden Boy’s Machado v Cancio card last Saturday in Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California. The Armenian has a record of 16 wins and 3 losses, with 13 victories coming by way of KO. He’s a former 122lb title challenger.

Sonsona discovered early on exactly how this fight was going to go when Hovhannisyan was cited for a low blow in the very first round. He was deducted a point by the referee but didn’t learn his lesson. In a painful turn of affairs for his Filipino opponent, Hovhannisyan went after Sonsona’s groin again in the fourth stanza.

This time he landed an agonizing three-punch combination that caused Sonsona to turn away in pain. It was a vicious and blatant foul by the Armenian who was deducted another point for his poor sportsmanship.

Not Cool

Things could have been worse for Hovhannisyan, with many viewers commenting that he should have been disqualified for his actions. However, he would go on to knock out his opponent in round five. No wonder really. The poor Filipino boxer could probably hardly walk after he was given a vasectomy by his conqueror. Grim viewing.

Super bantamweight challenger Hovhannisyan hails from Armenia but is based in Glendale, California. His nickname is ‘Attack,’ but maybe he should consider upgrading it to ‘Assault’, because that was pretty insane from him at the weekend.


Meanwhile, in the main event, WBA super-featherweight champion Alberto Machado was stunned by Andrew Cancio. This was one of the biggest shocks in boxing of the year so far, with Cancio a 9-1 underdog on the night. If you put $10 on him to win, you’d have got back $90.

This was a remarkable shock, especially because Cancio still has a fulltime job as a technician at a gas company in California and is still planning on going back to work this week. Now he’s a champion in what is a real life ‘Rocky’ story, after he was considering to quit the sport.

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