Team mixed martial arts is a thing, and its actually pretty awesome…

A first of it’s kind promotion from Latvia, Team Fighting Championships (TFC), has held 3 events since its inception in 2014.  The tournament style format pits country against country with the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine all entering into the first tournament.


In the second year of the tournament’s existence a team from the USA decided to get in on the action and joined Belarus, Latvia, Poland, and Sweden. The next year Brazil decided they needed to have a team in the event, as did England.  Those two countries joined Poland, USA, Latvia, and Russia for TFC 3.

You might be assuming that in a five-on-five format each fighter has to pair off with another fighter, thus preventing guys from getting attacked from behind.  You would be wrong about that, anybody can fight anybody at any time.  There are weight limits however, as all 5 guys in total cannot weight more than 1,212 pounds, but its a team’s choice however they want to split that weight up.


No judges, no rounds, you just keep going until one team is left standing. If a fighter taps out or is knocked out they simply have to leave the area and the other team then has the numbers advantage.  You can double-up on guys, choke a guy who was mounted on your teammate, and everything else you can think of.  Getting the numbers advantage is very key in these fights.

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