Words Only Take You So Far: Khabib Nurmagomadov Demolishes Conor McGregor in Twitter Exchange!!!

Never a man to shirk away from giving his opinion, the Irish lightweight champion ignited an entertaining exchange on Twitter. Nurmagamadov was dismissive of McGregor’s status as champion after his win the other night at UFC 219. He cited the fact that he has had only one fight as a lightweight and never defended a title.

The Notorious and trash talk go together like bread and butter, but this time he bit off more than he chew. Khabib proceeded to ruin him with a glorious comeback that McGregor, although he tried, could not overcome. If any potential fight is as entertaining as their online exchanges, then fight fans are in for a treat.

McGregor’s original tweet was brutal. He targeted both Khabib and the UFC, not holding back with his language. Maybe he’s rattled by the fact that a title fight in the Lightweight division is imminent, involving two out of himself, Tony Ferguson, or Khabib.

Khabib weighs in. Mandatory credit: David Manning, USA Today Sports


McGregor didn’t hold back. He said:

“Truly truly truly get on your fucking knees and beg me. Otherwise I don’t give a bollox. My whiskey is out this year and thats Diddy bread. Khabib looked like dog sh*t!”

The fact that the UFC has yet to strip the Irish man for inactivity shows that McGregor believes he has bargaining power. However, Khabib responded in the perfect way. They say that a picture can say a thousand words and in this case, it was certainly enough.

Feel The Burn

As can be seen in the image above, Khabib is riding a bear, shirtless in the style of Vladimir Putin. He’s wearing his Cossack hat and hunting a terrified McGregor who is running away with his belt over his shoulder. Basically, it is the most epic response that he could have come up with.

Money Talk

McGregor just wouldn’t let it go. He responded again as the tweet below shows.

McGregor’s response is weak compared to such classics as the “Who da fook” is that guy that ruined Jeremy Stephens’s life. It’s also hardly going to endear him more to fight fans who are sick of hearing how much money he has, and just want him back in the octagon already. Anyway, Khabib decided that he wasn’t finished:

On A Roll

This one goes to Khabib by judge’s decision. To be fair he might have a point. His style is the anthesis of McGregor. We saw how he shut down an elite striker in Edson Barboza. If the Notorious does return to the Octagon, it will either be against Tony Ferguson to unite the lightweight division or a trilogy fight against Nate Diaz.

McGregor is slowly coming to realise that Khabib will be next in line. The Russian is making all the right moves to consolidate a lightweight title fight of some sort against either Ferguson or McGregor. It turns out that he shuts fighters down on Twitter as well as in the ring. Let’s hope we see him again soon.

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