Another achievement from the retired number one pound for pound fighter in the UFC just won the submission of the year award. Khabib only fought once this year but his impact on the sport might be one the biggest.

In the final seconds of the first round with his fight against Gaethje, Khabib almost sank an armbar that may have led to an early finish. Fortunately, he survived for the next round.

Khabib still implemented the same game plan where he put on endless pressure in order to set up a takedown. Khabib baited a leg kick in order to get a single leg takedown. Both fighters ended up in the same situation but this time Khabib transitioned from an armbar to a triangle choke.

It was later revealed by Daniel Cormier that Khabib respected Gaethje’s family watching it courtside. Going on in the fight, Gaethje indicated that he will never tap to the submission so if he chose to armbar it will likely lead to a broken arm.

It would be disheartening for the family to see their fighter scream from pain and have his arm broken, so Khabib just chose to choke him out. Gaethje even said during the post-fight that he was lucky that the submission via choke as it is does not likely leave long-term damage.

It just shows you how high-level is Khabib’s grappling. Usually, in a fight, a UFC fighter will go on for any submission that is presented and will do it without hesitation. Khabib has been grappling for such a long time that he can transition and even talk during a fight.

According to some reports, Khabib will be leaving Abu Dhabi before UFC 257. Is it because to avoid a chance with an altercation with Mcgregor and his team? Either way, there is no denying that Mcgregor wants the rematch as he said in his interview that Poirier will be an easy rematch but the Khabib rematch will be the easiest. He claims that he has the answer to destroy Khabib.

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