When you pull a knife but your ground game is weak…

It takes a real scumbag to pull a weapon during a fist fight, especially when that weapon is intended to do more than just win the fight. Guns and knives are a never ending plague that continue to infect the population of the world, but it’s particularly bad in the United States.

A mix of legally and illegally owned firearms, swords and other handheld weapons in America mean that attacks and murders are ever present. Thanks to Youtube we are often exposed to quite grizzly scenes with rather sad and tragic endings.


Many will argue that it’s people who kill people, and the current debate on gun laws in the US is very heated. But the tale of today’s video actually has a positive twist for a change. This knife wielding maniac shows up to attack a man on his doorstep, but didn’t realise he should have brushed up on his BJJ skills.

Watch the video on the player below:

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