Mark Hunt has been kind of an angry guy as of late.

It’s hard to blame the guy, he seems to have just found out after 17 years of fighting that some of the guys he was competing against were on steroids. ¬†Evidently Hunt had no idea, and he competed in Pride!


After it was announced that Brock Lesnar had failed a UFC 200 drug test, Hunt just seemed to lose it. He has been quite active on social media, giving long rants with no punctuation whatsoever, making angry statements about steroid users and getting on the case of his followers who tell him to “let it go”.

Here is a collection of some Hunt’s greatest social media hits:

Perhaps Hunt was watching Brock Lesnar compete at Summerslam on Sunday night, because it was shortly after that the 42-year old “Super Samoan” just went off again in an expletive filled rant on Brock Lesnar and steroids.

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