Rousimar Palhares is at it again folks…

Former UFC fighter Rousimar Palhares crossed over to the World Series of Fighting in 2014 on a boat load of controversy. The ex-UFC welterweight was booted from the promotion for a litany of offences, but mostly because he kept holding on to submissions after fighters had already tapped.

He first cranked on Tomasz Drwal’s leg without letting go when instructed to, and faced a 90 day suspension for his crime. But this was the tip of the iceberg, as ‘Paul Harris’ would lose two straight fights, before failing a drug test for elevated testosterone levels, before getting up to his old tricks once again.


After submitting Mike Pierce with one of his patented heel hooks in 2013, Palhares was released for apparently holding the sub for too long once again. Many debated the decision this time around, but the promotion and UFC brass had simply seen this too many times.

After successfully winning the WSOF welterweight belt without incident, ‘Toquinho’ went full retard against Jake Shields at WSOF 22. It was Palhares’ second and last title defense. Then this happened:

[flowplayer id=”2574″]

Not only was the submission again held for too long, but Shields’ eyes were bloody and scratched from where Palhares had repeatedly gouged them. When the appeal later went in front of the athletic commission, Palhares was stripped of his title and banned from active MMA competition.

He is now set to face Garry Tonnon in a Polaris grappling match, but this latest image of Palhares has people literally losing their minds.


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