Former #1 pound for pound boxer, Vasyl Lomachenko thinks that the reason he lost his fight against Teofimo Lopez last October was because of the bribed judges, and not his lackluster performance.

This is not a good image from the former champion, since everyone knew that he did not throw that many punches until the second half of the fight. In terms of scoring the fight, Teofimo Lopez clearly won the fight. The only way that it would go in Lomachenko’s favor would be if the fight ruled a draw at best.

He said that he watched the fight five times and thinks that he still won the totality of the fight. He thinks that the judges’ scoring does not make sense if we based it on the rules of boxing.

It’s not about bias, it’s about being bribed. There was nothing about honest judging.” Lomachenko said.

He really thinks that his performance was enough to win the fight. Although it is justifiable given the judges scoring was way out of line, most would still agree even Lomachenko fans that Lopez won that night clearly.

After the upset loss of Lomachenko, his team posted injuries the Ukrainian boxer had coming to the fight. It was revealed that his shoulder was injured and it may have been a factor in the fight.

When asked what he thinks of a potential rematch, Lomachenko responded by saying, Of Course, he wants the revenge match but thinks Lopez’s team won’t accept it because they knew that they will lose.

After posting about Lomachenko’s injuries, Lopez also had injuries but Vasyl does not believe it since he did a backflip celebration after announcing the winner of the fight.

Most of the interview was about Lomachenko coming up with excuses and not about saying Lopez was the better boxer that night and needs to come up with a better gameplan.

Teofimo Lopez revealed after his win said that he does not need the rematch clause since he knew that he will win the match. What was unfortunate during that night was because the scores were really far from the real scoring. One judge gave all but one round to Lopez, which may be out of line in terms of boxing scores by round. Lomachenko won more than 3 rounds at least.

At the end of the day, most people if not all agreed that the winner of the fight is Teofimo Lopez but not everyone will agree how one-sided the judges’ scoring are. The majority have it 7-5 rounds Lopez vs Lomachenko.

Teofimo Lopez is looking to ignore this and move on with other opponents. He is looking to fight the young lions, one name that he could potentially fight is Devin Haney. The current WBC champion of the division. Eddie Hearn and Teofimo Lopez had a fun altercation of unifying the belts of the lightweight division. No official announcements yet but Lopez is remaining hungry to be great.

Some boxers handle the loss well by giving props to the opponent. Anthony Joshua’s lost to Andy Ruiz was about him not performing well that night and Andy Ruiz the better boxer. He came back even stronger on the rematch and beat Ruiz to become a 2-time heavyweight champion.

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