UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is a great puncher. Like him or not, that fact remains intact. From 20 wins McGregor holds 17 knockouts, and six of those are while fighting for the UFC.

After making his debut in 2013, ‘The Notorious’ got himself noticed very quickly. Calling out the champion of the time Jose Aldo, the outspoken Irishman vowed to ‘behead’ the Brazilian for the belt.


UFC 194

Following six straight wins for the UFC, ‘The Notorious’ held the interim title. Knocking out Chad Mendes at UFC 189 meant the fight with Aldo was now a unification bout. Fans waited over a year for it to happen, and finally the two met at UFC 194.

Lasting just 13 seconds, ‘Scarface’ was dethroned by a well-timed left hand to the jaw. As the Brazilian’s unconscious body fell to the canvas, the mixed martial arts world was turned on it’s head. A few hammerfists later, and it was all over.


Power Puncher?

Its an interesting question to ask. Is Conor McGregor a power puncher? Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but he clearly has some serious ability to produce beautiful knockouts. The Irish star has spoken a lot about how being relaxed and using timing and movement is more effective than winging huge punches.

Looking at his infamous movement training with Ido Portal can tell us a lot. Although Nate Diaz described it as ‘touch-butt in the park,’ McGregor’s understanding of movement is clearly on another level.


How & Why?

How does he generate such power when seemingly so relaxed in the UFC octagon? Technique is a big part of it, but also precision plays a major role. Generating power is one thing, but you have to know exactly where to place it.

This new interview with McGregor could help you out if you ever need to spark someone cold…

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