Manny Pacquiao willing to fight Terence Crawford for $40M

The Filipino Boxing Sensation is looking to get back in the ring after more than a year of being inactive. He recently started training to prepare for his long awaited to the ring. The only question is who will he fight since there is no done deal as of the moment.

Pacquiao seems to be in shape and is more than ready to fights, his hand speed is still better than most contenders. He has said in the past that even if there is no upcoming fight, he still loves to train. His conditioning is really astonishing to watch considering he is already 42 years old.

In a recent interview, he wants Terence Crawford as his next opponent for $40M. Crawford is being handled by Pacquiao’s former promoter, Bob Arum. They certainly have a history but the question would be if Arum is willing to pay Pacquiao that much money for the fight.

“I like to fight somebody who has a title. We told Bob I get $40 million and Crawford gets $10 million. I will fight anybody. You know me, I don’t back away from any challenge.”

Bob Arum certainly has a history of not willing to risk big amounts of money for a big fight. He even went on to say to the public that he is losing money due to

Pacquiao has been declared a champion in recess due to inactivity, but it is still impressive to target someone as dangerous as Terence Crawford. Pacquiao is always up for the challenge whether he is the underdog or not, he is fighting boxers who are in their prime and undefeated. It is hard not to be a fan of Pacquiao for not ducking such a difficult opponent.

Terence Crawford currently holds the WBO welterweight title where he won against Jeff Horn. Pacquiao lost this belt against Horn, he has a chance to regain it if the fight ever happens. Crawford is currently ranked as one of the best boxers currently. Pacquiao may likely be expected as a heavy underdog, but he is no stranger to this type of situation.

Both fighters are willing to fight, and the final decision now lies with the promoter which is Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

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