Now that is a lot of money to give away…

Drama continues to swirl around combat sports’ biggest fight. Former featherweight and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is hunting the biggest pay day of his career. At what cost remains to be seen.

After obtaining a boxing license in California and showing his employers the finger, McGregor’s intentions are clear. His SBG team mate Gunnar Nelson recently said McGregor might not ever return to the UFC.

In the sport where money is now everything, why would he?

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Who Wants Money?

Recent comments from UFC president Dana White make it seem like the promotion is most definitely on board. McGregor’s potentially insane payday from boxing Mayweather would obliterate anything he’ll ever make in the UFC octagon.

White first offered $50 million as a total purse bid, and of course both men laughed this off. Furthering the idea, White said this week he felt ‘Obliged to make this fight happen.’ Well, according to the Mayweather camp, that’s because the UFC will be making most of Conor’s money from this fight:

80 Percent?!?

Reported by Bloody Elbow, Floyd’s uncle Jeff Mayweather makes a shocking revelation:

Speaking to Helen Yee of Eyes on the Game, Jeff Mayweather revealed the “horrendous” purse split between “The Notorious” and the UFC, who likely be involved if the fight comes to fruition.

“80-20 percent,” Mayweather said. “(Conor) would have to take 20 percent, if he’s allowed to fight. And the one thing is that Dana’s his boss. He’ll still make more money than he ever did, but at the same time, that’s very tough pill to swallow.”

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“If somebody tells you ‘I’m gonna take 80 percent of your money, and you’re the one that’s fighting for it, that’s still a tough pill to swallow. Even if you made more money than you ever did. But, it is what it is.”

“That (purse split) is the major issue,” Mayweather said. “And if he (McGregor) signed the contract, fight will be made. Floyd has no problem signing the contract. It’s up to Conor.”

After reading these comments, will McGregor be signing the contract? Let’s be honest, ‘The Notorious’ won’t pay a dime of that up front, regardless of contracts. This could be messy…

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