Who would have expected that Mayweather vs Paul exhibition match would not end in a knockout? Logan Paul may have been so much bigger that Mayweather but many thought that the fight would have been ended with a stoppage win for Floyd Mayweather.

A lot of mixed reactions to the fight but credit for Logan Paul for having small moments in the fight. Had there judges in the fight, many would agree that Mayweather would have won the fight, but Paul also won rounds especially in the early rounds.

Even though Paul won the rounds, usually when Mayweather fights he starts slow. Mayweather tends to collect data in the early parts of the fight and comes up with a formula to beat his opponent. Mayweather’s greatest strength not only comes in his defense but his adaptability inside the ring, it might also be the reason he stayed undefeated.

Paul may have gassed in the later part of the rounds, but credit to him for surviving. Even Mayweather did not expect Paul to be good in using his size advantage and power. Paul’s clinch game gave him the opportunity to survive when in trouble, it may be because of his experienced wrestling credentials.

As for the entertainment, many may have been entertained as it was a back and forth and many also thought the fight was boring as it did not have the knockout that many wanted to see.

It might be too much to ask for Floyd since he was never known for his knockout power but rather outsmarting his opponents. Floyd is also a welterweight fighting a heavyweight, so the lack of power to knock Paul out was justifiable. Mayweather is also 44 years old, and is retired.

The fight may not have the official declared winner but both fighters left the event with a smiling face. Both fighters had a massive payday for just fighting for 8 rounds, their pay might easily be bigger than current champions in Boxing.

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