Conor McGregor’s Friend/Training Partner/Wannabe Dillon Danis has Just Been Destroyed by Former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping…

It’s becoming very easy to make fun of Dillon Danis. The man is one of the world’s best submission artists, that is without any question. He holds multiple international titles for no-gi contests and helped to prepare Conor McGregor for his rematch with Nate Diaz.

Danis’s profile has increased over the last month. It started off with him bailing Conor McGregor out of jail when the Irishman was arrested in the aftermath of the UFC 223 bus attack. Last weekend he made his professional MMA debut for Bellator, beating Kyle Walker by toe hold.

However, it’s his antics outside the cage that have really caught people’s attention. Not in a good way either. He’s trying very hard to talk the talk like the ‘Notorious’ and it’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Now he’s involved in a bizarre feud with former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.


It all started when Bisping slated Danis, on his Believe You Me podcast, for being a Conor McGregor wannabe. He targeted the New Yorker’s clothes and attitude. Danis responded on Twitter digging up a photo from Bisping’s past. He wrote:

“don’t think you should be giving out fashion tips kid stay in your lane.”

That’s like holding a red rag in front of a bull. Bisping isn’t known for biting his lip and walking away. He’s also 15 years older than Danis. “Kid”. Woah, Danis is a brave man. Or possibly very very stupid.


Of course, Bisping responded. It was actually a very clever put-down. He commented on how Danis hadn’t actually picked a bad picture. It’s genuinely not. ‘The Count’ looks very menacing in it and is being paid well, so it’s fair to say he really doesn’t care. He wrote:

“Well affliction paid me a lot to wear that jacket. It’s called sponsorship, you may wanna try and get some. Also, if you’re gonna spend hours trawling the web looking for a bad pic, there’s way worse ones than that. #fail.”

It only took Danis three days to respond to Bisping. Give the poor ‘kid’ some credit. Or not. Honestly, he needs to take a break from social media because he’s only making himself look stupid. There’s no need to be attacking a former champion from a higher rated organization who has nothing left to prove.

Rafael Replies

Rafael dos Anjos took the opportunity to kick Danis when he was down. The Brazilian history with Conor McGregor’s team. Danis tried to call him a kid as well, but the former lightweight champion had a stinging response:

“Kiddo?? Say that when you see me…I was winning world titles when you were playing with you legos.”

This is after one MMA fight. Like it or not Dillon Danis is here to stay but it remains to be seen how high his ceiling is. Many people will tune in to watch him fight in the hope that he’ll get knocked out. He’s making a name for himself anyway.

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