The Count speaks…again…

Ahead of his not-yet scheduled clash with Georges St-Pierre, middleweight champion Michael Bisping is under fire. After knocking out Luke Rockhold to win the belt at UFC 199, ‘The Count’ would next face Dan Henderson.

‘Hendo’ had famously destroyed Bisping at UFC 100, and the Brit’s want for revenge was played as the storyline. Unfortunately this didn’t make fans or fellow fighters see how Henderson, aged 46 and ranked 14, deserved the fight.

Michael Bisping pictured at UFC 199, where he won the middleweight championship by knocking out Luke Rockhold. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bisping Fires Back

Facing and beating Henderson, ‘The Count’ sat and waited as Chris Weidman and Yoel Romero clashed at UFC 205. Blasting the former champion with a flying knee knockout, Romero made his claim for the next title fight.

This shot would not come, as instead ex-welterweight king Georges St-Pierre got the fight. This only led to more frustrated fighters and fans. Responding to the criticism, ‘The Count’ told listeners on podcast ‘Believe You Me,’ via FOX, exactly how it is:

What About Conor?

“Whatever I do I get [expletive] off everybody. Conor McGregor can do no wrong. He is Jesus reincarnated. He can walk on water. He can do whatever the [expletive] he wants. He can leave the sport of UFC and go chase a boxing match and that’s still the best thing ever, holding up two divisions whilst he’s at it.

“Me, Jesus Christ, all I try to do is get a big payday and I’m scum of the Earth. I am the devil.”

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Jun 4, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Michael Bisping (blue) celebrates his first round knockout of Luke Rockhold (red) during UFC 199 at The Forum. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

“Deal With It”

“Here’s the thing, the top seven [fighters] are calling me out, whichever one of them, because they’re all tough. They’re all tough guys, let’s be honest. They’re all very, very good. Whichever one of them I pick, the other six are all going to [expletive] and whine and complain. So you can’t win,” Bisping said. “I’m fighting Georges St-Pierre, [expletive] deal with it. If you want to fight in the mean time, go ahead.

“Luke Rockhold’s still talking [expletive], he hasn’t put a glove on since I knocked him out in the first round. Yoel hasn’t fought in a long time. If you’re so good, continue to fight. When I didn’t have a title shot, when I wasn’t the champion and didn’t get a title shot, I didn’t whine and [expletive] and complain. I just got on with it and I kept fighting.

I hoped and I always had that in my heart, I would keep fighting and keep doing what I can do and here I am. I got there in the end. So guys, stop whining, stop [expletive], just get on with it.”

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  1. I don’t like Bisbing but he has a very valid point. McGregor has been allowed to get away with shit that Dana would never allow any other fighter to get away with and all because of his drawing power I.e. his mouth. It’s pretty easy to go around running ur mouth about being the Champ when u refuse to defend the title. McGregor knows he’s fortunate to even be holding that title and enjoying all the perks and he isn’t gonna risk losing it by fighting ranked contenders.

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