Mickey Gall Reveals Sage Northcutt’s Trash-Talking at UFC on Fox 22

Sage Northcutt may have an edge to him after all. Critics of the spiky haired 20-year old believe that he simply doesn’t have enough of a mean-streak. To put it bluntly, he might be too nice to be a fighter. After UFC on Fox 22 however, Mickey Gall has a different opinion of Sage Northcutt.

Fight Platform
Fight Platform

At the post-fight press conference in Sacramento this weekend, Gall had this to say about his opponent that night.

“I wanted to play the bad guy a little bit for this, but there is no way you could be the nice guy with Sage. I wanted to talk to get him to engage with me a little bit, make him step out of his character and talk some crap maybe. And he didn’t the whole time, I was just like, ‘Ah, he’s such a sweet kid and he’s not going to do it.’ But it came out in the fight and you saw how the fight went down and I think that helped me.”


Sage Northcutt vs. Mickey Gall

This bout basically came down to who could make it their kind of fight. Sage is far better standing than grappling, so Gall wanted to take it to the ground. He had him down within about 40 seconds.

Gall would then spend a good portion of the round trying to lock in a guillotine. Sage ended up escaping and wound up on top of Gall, but then wanted nothing to do with being inside Gall’s guard. Sage stood up and looked to be letting Gall up as well when the two appeared to be trash-talking each other.

“So what he said was when he stood up from my guard he was like, ‘Get up, get up,’ and he was standing right over me, so I was like, ‘Why don’t you come down? I thought you said your jiu-jitsu is better than mine,’ because he said that in the show. And then when I got up I was like, ‘What? you’re tired?’, and he was like, ‘Nah, I never get tired.’ I got to say, I like Sage with an edge. And when he blackened my eye and then he cut me, he was like, ‘Oh, that was good.’ He was talking some crap, I like that he came out a little bit.”

In round 2 Sage’s corner told him to stop throwing low kicks, as Gall had caught one and turned it into his second successful takedown late in round 1. It looked like Sage might have a chance to take the fight back in the second, but Gall cracked him with a right and got the submission moments later.

from Vice Fightland
from Vice Fightland

What’s Next for Sage Northcutt?

At only 20 years of age, Sage Northcutt might be best advised to take some time and work on his ground game before his next fight. There appears to be a significant difference in the quality of his striking and his ability to defend on the ground. He did do a much better job at defending Gall’s ground game than CM Punk did however, but that’s not saying a lot.

Sage has lost twice this year, and it’s not good for a young fighter to rack up too many losses/beatings early in their career.

from MMA Fighting
from MMA Fighting

What’s Next for Mickey Gall?

Mickey Gall had a plan for his next fight, but that has already fallen through. Gall called out Dan Hardy post-fight, which was a little surprising considering Hardy hasn’t fought in years.

In 2013, Hardy was diagnosed with a heart condition that has prevented him from being cleared to fight. He is scheduled to have another series of tests done in January that may clear him however.

Hardy has already issued a statement saying he does not want to fight Gall. He said he is looking to fight a veteran in his next fight back, not someone still developing, as is the case with Gall.

“I’m not looking at knocking off a future contender that I’m possibly going to be commentating for in the future. And at the same time, if I was going to fight, I want to fight a veteran. I want to fight someone who’s had 20, 30 fights, who’s matured in their game and is sure of their fighting style, rather than someone who’s still developing. I like to see the development of these young fighters and I don’t want to interfere with that in any way. I’m 10 years older.” Hardy had to say regarding Gall’s callout. 

When told of Hardy’s comments, Gall had this to say in response,

“I respect that too. That’s cool. You’re a legend. It would’ve been an honour to fight you. That’s cool, man. I love you, Dan.”

Gall also mentioned in his post-fight interview that he plans on dropping to 155lbs. While he won’t fight Dan Hardy next, there are plenty of intriguing fights for him at lightweight.

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