Wow, Mike Goldberg finally reveals what really happened…

Among many controversial happenings in 2016, Mike Goldberg’s release from the UFC was right up there. Having worked for the promotion for 20 years, his career was wrapped up as if he were a temporary janitor.

Along side Joe Rogan, Goldberg had built a cult following in the early years. Later becoming a staple in the new UFC model, few expected him to be so suddenly sacked. Once WME-IMG acquired the UFC for $4.2 billion, it was clear they didn’t care what fans thought.

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Goldberg Kept In The Dark, Mistreated

Fans were made aware of Goldberg’s impending departure in early December. Although it was a sad time, the promotion could have handled it so much better. During his most recent interview, ‘Goldie’ revealed some very worrying points about his final UFC days.

Not only was Goldberg not given a farewell tribute, even a mention, but he was never given a reason. After spending so much time to help build the UFC, he was dropped like a bad habit. Here’s what the lovable Goldberg told The MMA Hour this week:


Shattered, Destroyed My Family

“Around December 1, I got the news that my contract would not be renewed. So I was given about a month’s notice and I had a couple of shows left. I had Urijah Faber’s last show, which was awesome. The trip to Toronto, and of course UFC 207 was my last show.”

“I was one of a lot of people, a lot of good people from the ZUFFA era that got caught. So I feel for my co-workers, for my friends as much as I felt for myself. I watched everything around me be shattered. It took 15 years to build this wonderful family, and it felt like it took 15 minutes to destroy it. And it was a really tough time, and it’s still a tough time because there may be more to come. This is not uncommon with an ownership change.”

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Sad Truth

After hearing Mike Goldberg’s comments to Ariel Helwani, there’s a sad truth to consider. The UFC has become a corporate machine. Discussing Dana White, his long time associate, Goldberg said he was ‘disappointed and surprised’ to not even hear from the UFC president.

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