People know Mike Tyson because he is Mike Tyson but hardcore boxing fans know that Roy Jones Jr is the most complete fighter during his prime. He had all the athletic talent and ability to outspeed and out time his opponents. He is one of the most entertaining fighters inside and outside of the ring.

If boxing analyst Max Kellerman would say, during Roy’s prime as the number 1 Pound for Pound, the gap between him being number 1 and the fighter who was second is not even close. This means that Roy was so good in his abilities that he is just many levels above the second-best fighter in the world.  That is crazy if you think about it.

The famous phrase “Y’all must have forgot?” is from a song of his “Can’t be touched”. It was about to not forget who he was and that he was invincible. Some boxing experts or trainers don’t recommend following Roy’s style because it has so many weaknesses but Roy can get away because he is too fast.

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He is known to showboat and dance in the ring during fights because he loves to entertain people. He can showboat and knock people out at the same time. He also became the heavyweight champion climbing from Middleweight to Heavyweight.

He fought a prime James Toney and beat him one-sidedly. Toney is known to have one of the best defenses in boxing with his shoulder roll. But when he fought Roy, he got clipped easily and had no answer. Jones was just too fast for everyone.

Roy Jones Jr. even beat a prime Bernard Hopkins, which is not easy to do. Hardcore boxing fans truly believe that the prime of Roy is the most complete and unbeatable fighter to ever grace the ring. His left hook is too fast and his reflexes are second to none.

His first loss was a DQ which a fight he was winning. It was against Montel Griffin, where Jones hit Griffin after a knockdown. The fight was already a one-sided beating before the DQ. Luckily in the rematch, Jones ended the fight in one round showing that it was not even a contest. If the DQ had not happened, he would have been 50-0 after his second official loss.

After cleaning out the division, Jones set his eyes on the heavyweight title. The last division and the most premier. To be the heavyweight champion is different in the boxing world, it is the top of the top. Being the heavyweight champion of the world means that you are the baddest man on the planet and that is what Jones Jr did.

Roy Jones Jr. fought John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title. Ruiz is a much bigger man and was a natural heavyweight so size and power may have leaned towards his side but Jones had different plans and just fought Ruiz smart. Jones made history that night.

The downfall for Jones Jr. was when after bulking up for the heavyweight fight, he then went down to fight Antonio Tarver which may have deteriorated his body. Increasing your body mass and then instantly leaning it may have taken a toll on his body. Weight cut can affect the chin condition of Jones Jr.

Andre Ward who looked up to Jones Jr thinks that the weight cut to light heavyweight may be the reason for Roy’s decline. Ward is a former #1 pound for pound boxer who retired undefeated. He is known for his ring IQ and adjustments rather than his athletic ability.

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Hearing Andre Ward talk about Roy Jones Jr, shows how good Roy Jones was and how invincible he was in his prime. People talk about Prime Mike Tyson as unbeatable but they should look at a prime Roy Jones Jr., they must have forgot.

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