Paige VanZant Has Explained Her Reasons For Getting an Upgrade… How Will it Affect Her Career?

There probably isn’t a fighter in the UFC who has it as good as Paige VanZant does today. She’s a fan-favorite, for her combination of grit in the cage and stunning looks, which have made her the pin-up girl for many MMA fans.

She famously got an exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok when other arguably more deserving fighters missed out. The 24-year-old Oregon native won fans over though, by being one of the nicest fighters in the UFC. She’s also a bigger mainstream star than almost any of their current champions, having appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

Now VanZant has confirmed what many fans were speculating over the past couple of weeks. After intense research of her Instagram, many people firmly believed that she had got a boob job. Now that we know she has, let’s take a look at her reasons why, and how it might affect her career.


VanZant confirmed to TMZ exactly what the world was speculating. She explained that she always wanted them but they just never developed. There’s actually a good reason for that: as an athlete, the fat is stripped from your body. VanZant said:

“Yep, I did get a boob job. I’m a girl and always wanted my own boobs. They never came so I bought them.”

Well, that’s a purchase I’m sure everyone reading this will appreciate. If you want a visual confirmation, you can see the Instagram pictures above and below. Just to remove anymore doubts you might have, we’ve given you the before and after.

Job Security

VanZant isn’t the first MMA fighter to get breast implants. Former champion Miesha Tate famously had them. Another former UFC fighter, now representing Invicta, Pearl Gonzalez, became involved in a notorious situation after it emerged that she too had gone under the knife.

Gonzalez was fighting at UFC 210, in New York, against Cynthia Calvillo. However, her fight was almost scrapped by the New York State Athletic Commission after it emerged that she had implants. After a furious protest, the fight was reinstated, but the same rule is technically still in force.


Dr. Alan Matarasso, from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, explained why there would be a concern about breast implants in combat sports. He told Fightland how high impact trauma can cause internal bleeding and even rupture. Not nice. He said:

“You can take a breast implant and throw it on the ground with a lot of force from a standing position and it won’t break. But the strength of a kick or a knee to the chest is pretty significant—it’s much more significant than a punch to the chest.”

So, that’s the risk VanZant is taking guys. Hope you all respect her determination to do what is best for her right now. It’s also worth mentioning that she’s always wanted to be part of the WWE. Professional wrestling is all about marketability. Let’s not pretend that this doesn’t help her.

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