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Do you know what mistakes to avoid when making a cover letter for a job application?

Most MBA graduates are not aware of it. Delivering an effective cover letter will make or break your job interview. It can open the gates of success or let you down lamentably. The reason is that very few take time to write a good one, especially if it’s their first experience with writing court letters. Honestly, this shouldn’t worry you because if you know the right things to do, then producing a powerful CV is easier than ever before.

Here are 7 mistakes people who don’t know how to write a cover letter unknowingly commit:

Using only one type of paper.

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Are you familiar with the different types of paper that exist? If you’re not familiar with all, you will use only one. It’s important to know what each type is for so you can choose the best possible one when writing your cover letter online.

To begin with, there are three names given to the most commonly used papers: bond paper, cotton paper, and linen paper. The first two are compatible while the last one is stronger than both. Knowing this information already helps because personally, I don’t like using just one type. That’s why my list also recommends keeping a couple of stocks before starting to write your court letter for a job application.

Using exact words from sample letters online.

Are you using ready-made words when writing your court letter? If so, then stop right away.

You should never do this because hiring managers will know right away. One way for them to see if the candidate is original in his approach is to compare it with the samples they found online. There are many websites that provide free cover letter examples for anyone looking at the moment.

However, to ensure that your paper does not end up among those samples, you need to write every detail from scratch. Don’t bother copying a single sentence from any sample letter in cyberspace.

Writing cover letters that are too long or short.

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Is your cover letter too long or too short? If this happens, you need to reevaluate what you’re doing.

Many use too many words when writing their letters, but they don’t realize it. When you think about the importance of the document, your cover letter is actually more important than your resume because, without a good one, you will never get to pass the screening stage in most companies.

It’s for this reason that you need to make sure every word and sentence is based on what your potential employers need to see and know about you. If your cover letter contains errors and is too long or too short, then it will be clear that you’re not serious at all about getting hired by them anytime soon.

Using fancy fonts that are harder to read.

Is there any fancy thing in your cover letter? Did you add such things just for the sake of it? If so, please don’t; you will only look silly when your potential employer reads what’s there. They are just looking for good writers who are up to the task, not someone trying to produce fancy letters with unnecessary fonts that are hard to read.

They may even get offended and send you home without an interview opportunity. Right now, make sure to avoid using such unfamiliar fonts as Comic Sans MS or Papyrus.

Using small fonts when writing online cover letters.


Many people use small font sizes which make texts difficult to read even if the documents are printed out on paper. This is why you need to avoid using small fonts if possible.

Remember that hiring managers are just humans. Some of them may even be older than most. With that in mind, don’t expect them to go through the trouble of reading tiny letters because it’s not easy for everyone. The best thing you can do now is to use an 11-point font size in your cover letter format so the words will be clear enough even if your potential employer has bad eyesight.

Writing Cover Letters That Are Hopelessly Optimistic or Pessimistic

Please remember that writing a cover letter for a job application should never take more than one month at any given time. If this happens, then it means that you’re taking too long to write your cover letter, suggesting that you’re not interested in getting hired anymore.

To avoid this from happening, you need to understand that first impressions last and your first impression should be a great one. Make sure it’s worth reading!

These are just some of the things that can end up ruining your online cover letter examples. If you’re already familiar with them, then sign up with Venngage today. The platform has a wide collection of cover letter templates. Plus, you can also find really creative letterhead examples there. Just pick the best one and tweak based on what your career needs.

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