We all love watching style vs style fights, but for some reason Muay Thai vs Taekwondo always seems to end in very violent fashion…

Welcome to our latest edition of the style vs style lowdown, as this week we take a look at Muay Thai vs Taekwondo. These styles have proved to be particularly compelling over the years when facing each other.

TKD is particularly more flashy than Muay Thai, uses a very wide open stance and is great for closing distance against more stationary fighters. Muay Thai has the added advantage of having the elbow strikes, and when Thai boxers use the art effectively, it can be seriously devastating.


Taekwondo originates from Korea, with the first official governing body being established in 1959. It is a much more modern sport than the centuries old tradition of Muay Thai, and is highly competition based.

Since 1992, TKD full contact sparring has been a recognized sport in the Olympic games. The most popular types of TKD include board breaking or ‘gyeokpa’ for displays, forms or ‘Poomsae’ and the previously mentioned sparring or ‘gyeorugi.’


We all know about Muay Thai, the deadly art of eight limbs and the answer to the Western style of boxing, so what happens when the two martial arts collide? Well, in nearly every single case we’ve found Muay Thai vs. TKD wise, there’s a brutal knockout involved.

Since these two styles provide such an exciting battle when pitted against each other, we thought it fair to collate a library of videos for your viewing pleasure.

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