Pictures of Conor McGregor in training for his UFC 202 fight against Nate Diaz seem to indicate an interesting strategical approach his camp is going with for this fight.

In the fallout from his UFC 196 submission loss to Diaz, many (including Conor himself) pointed to the size differential between the two.  Conor was preparing for a fight at 155lbs, and has bounced between 145lbs and 155lbs his whole career.  154_Conor_McGregor_vs_Nate_Diaz.0.0

Nate has fought primarily at 155lbs but has also competed at 170lbs.  The size difference between the two is noticeable, but it’s not a David and Goliath type scenario… at least it wasn’t before.

For the first round and a half at UFC 196 Conor peppered Diaz’s face with shots that would take out anyone in the featherweight division, but Nate kept coming forward.  That is not to say that those same shots wouldn’t have knocked out others who fight at lightweight or welterweight, but they weren’t enough to knockout Nate Diaz like they were for Jose Aldo and many others.

Conor panicked in the 2nd round after realizing he’d hit Nate with everything he has and the guy was still coming forward.  Then Conor got tagged and forgot everything he’d trained for and went for a takedown on a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt; then tapping out moments later.

Conor’s inability to knockout Nate was chalked up to the size difference by many.  Others more acutely brought up that Nate’s only ever been finished by strikes once in his career (via a Josh Thompson head kick) and has a notoriously strong chin.

One line of thinking was that Conor needed to put on weight, bulk up and pack more power behind his punches for the rematch.  A bigger Conor might have enough power behind his shots to stop Nate. That approach is not what Conor’s camp has decided to go with however…

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