Nick Diaz had some surprising things to say regarding Conor’s chances…

The Diaz brothers are not quick to give praise to anyone from outside the Cesar-Gracie team in California. Both brothers, however, have subtly mentioned they aren’t counting Conor out in his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

When asked about the bout back in March, younger brother Nate conceded that Conor does have a puncher’s chance against Floyd:

“I think McGregor’s got a good chance to make something happen in the first two or three rounds,” Nate told CSN Fights, “I’m just saying he’s got a puncher’s chance — if anything. But as far as skill and technique, he’s got an amateur style and anybody can be good for nine, six, seven minutes. Anybody. They all have a puncher’s chance. This guy [Mayweather] is ready to go round after round and he’s a hard person to get a hold of. I think it’d be a rough one [for McGregor], but who knows?”

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Where is Nick Diaz?

The above question has been asked 3x inside a year by USADA, which has led to another suspension for the 33-year-old fighter. In late June of this year, USADA informed the UFC that they have been unable to find and test Nick on 3 occasions within a 12-month period. The UFC has provisionally suspended him until the matter is resolved. As it is, Nick hasn’t fought since UFC 183 two and a half years ago.

Dana White isn’t counting on Nick Diaz ever returning to the promotion. When asked if he thinks Nick ever fights again, the UFC President had this to say:

“I highly doubt it,” White said. “I don’t know, I honestly don’t think that, and I can’t speak for him, you’d have to speak with Nick himself, but if you ask me – people ask me, ‘Do you think Ronda (Rousey) is coming back?’ No. I think Ronda’s going to retire. Ronda hasn’t retired, but my opinion is, I think she will. I don’t think Nick Diaz will ever fight again. I just don’t think he has the desire anymore.”

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Nick Diaz on Conor’s Chances

Reporters caught up with Nick Diaz recently, which is a harder task than it sounds. Nick had this to say regarding Conor’s chances against Floyd later this summer:

“As far as MMA, I want to say there’s maybe five guys that do jiu-jitsu that have an actual level of understanding when it comes to boxing,” Diaz told MMA News “He (McGregor) obviously does. I feel like, if he can hit my brother he can definitely put up somewhat of a fight with Floyd, if not actually bring him an actual challenge.”

Nick continued to say he’s unsure how the actual fight will play out. In the course of making his comments, he also slipped in some information regarding brother Nate’s injury status heading into his 2nd bout with Conor.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I could say one thing, I could be wrong. Also, the ups and downs of life, you never know what’s going on. Either one of these guys could have a bad – like the last time my brother fought he had broken ribs, torn rib tissue. Neither one of those fights worked out for him. He had 13 days the first time and the next time he was injured. I was there for it.”

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