WHAT A FIGHT!! Both fighters showcased the highest level of striking in MMA and it gave the fans one of the best bantamweight fights in UFC history. Cory Sandhagen might have lost the fight but his performance gained the respect of many.

Petr Yan was just as Dana White would call him, “A SAVAGE”. He was putting forth endless pressure and was durable at the same time, it was hard to strike with him as well since his counter striking is top-notch. Although Sandhagen was looking good in the early parts, landing strikes and getting out of the way but in the later parts Yan got his timing and put on a dominant performance.

Even with his fight against Sterling, Yan usually gives the first round to his opponent because he fights more on the defensive as he analyzes his opponent more. In the first round, Sandhagen clearly won due to being more active and landing more punches.

As the fight goes on, Yan was getting better and once he lands a punch it gives effect. For a great boxer like Yan, he mixes his kicks really well. The second round was much closer than the first and it could have gone either side.

At the third round, it was the change of the tide as Yan landed a spinning back fist that knocked Sandhagen down. The momentum changed, and Yan was won the fight all throughout.

Even though Yan won the fight 4 rounds to 1, Sandhagen showed championship mentality and will likely improve after this performance. At the fifth round where the momentum was coming at Yan’s side, Sandhagen manage to recover and land strikes of his own. The problem was Yan landed a vicious head kick and at the last second Yan executed a spinning hook kick that landed against Sandhagen.

Another take from the fight is Yan mixes his strikes well, he landed loud kicks to the body and even invested at the leg kicks more. His takedown defense was on point as well, Sandhagen failed to take him down numerous times.

It was a great fight overall, and Yan deserves all the credit to be called the bantamweight champion. As for Sandhagen, it is to go back to the drawing boards and learn from his mistakes.

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