Max Holloway Was Rushed to Hospital With Concussion-Like Symptoms After Being Forced to Withdraw From UFC 226… Conor McGregor Has Offered His Respects to The Young Champion…

Conor McGregor doesn’t often show his respects to any UFC fighters, especially not those in the same divisions that he’s fought in before. If he’s beaten you, then forget about it. Max Holloway is a special case. The UFC featherweight champion was forced to withdraw from his latest title defense against Brian Ortega, after suffering concerning concussion-like symptoms.

McGregor and Holloway have a history. If you go back 12 fights, all the way to Boston in 2013, ‘The Notorious’ was the last man to beat a young, green Holloway. The Hawaiian was badly beaten that night, even though McGregor had torn his ACL. Since then, ‘Blessed’ has gone on an insane run to become champion, defeating Jose Aldo twice in the process.

Now McGregor has gone and put basic human respect over sporting rivalry, with a tweet at the man who holds his first UFC title. Even though he’s better known for his trash talk, foul language, and insane behavior, the Irishman is still a decent man at heart.


It’s a simple message but it’s a clear and effective one. When the news broke that Holloway had been sent to the hospital prior to UFC 226, it was automatically assumed by those too lazy to actually read articles that he had weight-cutting problems.

This is not the case. He has been displaying symptoms of concussion all week since arriving in Las Vegas, even noticed by former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping who asked ‘Blessed’, on Fox Sports 1:

“You say you feel great, and don’t be offended when I say this, but you look like you just got out of bed. Are you tired, what’s going on, how’s the weight cut? Are you drained? You look a little sleepy.”

Interim Title

Holloway laughed that off and said he was just a bit tired. Well, it turns out the ‘Count’ should have been a doctor because he’s absolutely right, something was off. It was also Holloway’s team that forced him to withdraw. The Hawaiian did not want to and was prepared to go against medical advice.

Brian Ortega will not be fighting on the night, as he has nothing to gain by fighting anyone else in the division. He’s prepared to wait for the title shot, and the turnaround should be short. Despite this, the UFC was prepared to get Frankie Edgar and Jeremy Stephens together for an interim title fight. The notice was just too short.

It’s probably just as well because you can’t imagine Ortega being best pleased by that scenario, especially if Edgar won after being KOed by the Californian title chaser. The UFC dodged a terrible situation there. Fans would prefer to wait for the real thing instead of another fake belt.

McGregor Return

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor looks increasingly likely to return in October this year. His training has visibly intensified and all the noise coming out of his camp suggests that he’s got his passion back. Money has motivated him the whole way through his career.

It’s no wonder the legal fees are making him want to come back and have a go at Khabib Nurmagamedov.

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