The War of Words is Heating Up… Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagamedov Are Set to Duke it Out and ‘The Notorious’ Doesn’t Care About The Consequences…

Things just suddenly got intense. Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagamedov are moving ever closer to battle on October 7 – that’s a month and a day away folks! As their rivalry edges closer to a conclusion, their trash talk battle is heating up.

The modern day MMA fighter doesn’t just talk to his opponent in person. Nope, he also spends his days honing his social media skills. That’s the first place of conflict between any two self-respect pro-MMA fighters, with Twitter and Instagram the two most popular mediums.

McGregor definitely prefers to make full use of his Instagram – especially since he’s been refusing to do a media tour for UFC 229. With 25 million followers, that’s more than five times the population of his native Ireland. He’s used it to full effect, to send his adversary a terrifying message.

Double Money

The caption says is more important than the picture. He stands staring at his opponent during a sparring session, looking like he is in the shape of his life. McGregor goes full Ivan Drago. He wrote:

“If he dies, he dies then I’m paid twice.”

Ouch. In the world of combat sports, where fatalities have occurred – infrequently at the highest level, but still too many – this might finally rattle Khabib’s cage. Maybe McGregor needs double money. After all, he has a whole load of legal fees to pay off.


McGregor’s coach Owen Roddy was asked by members of the Eurobash Podcast if he thought ‘The Notorious’ would retire after the Khabib fight. Roddy was evasive in his response, but the message seems to be, wait and see what’s available. He said:

“I always say, it depends on what fights are available, I think, for Conor. As I said, if there is another big super fight and Conor feels like he would enjoy it, then he’ll do it. If the fans want it and stuff like that, I think Conor will take it.”

Well, that’s fair. There seem to be only two fights left for McGregor in the UFC after this one. He would like to complete the Diaz trilogy, but that depends on the Stockton fighter’s ability to take out Dustin Poirier at UFC 230. That’s definitely not a sure thing.

Legacy Fight

There’s one more fight that could lie in wait for the winner of the lightweight championship at UFC 229. Speculation is rife that Georges St. Pierre is on his way down to 155 – yes after last competing at middleweight. That’s definitely not healthy, but hey he’s an adult and it’s choice.

Without a shadow of a doubt, there is no bigger fight in MMA than Conor McGregor v Georges St. Pierre. Two double champions battling, a pair of UFC icons clashing to be recognized as one of the greatest of all time. And it would potentially mean ‘GSP’ could be the first triple champion. The UFC can dream.

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