Dan Henderson is an Absolute Ruthless Legend… He’s Just Destroyed Luke Rockhold on Instagram and it is Hilarious…

Dan Henderson is a heavy-hitting legend and we love him. Widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, Hendo isn’t all that long retired. His last fight was a very narrow defeat to Michael Bisping at UFC 204, back in 2016 (some think he won) and at the time, the then 45-year-old was the oldest fighter on the roster.

The former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion and the former PRIDE middleweight and welterweight champion never achieved UFC gold. It didn’t really matter though because he managed to beat 21 champions in four major promotions. He was also the first fighter to hold two titles at the same time in a major MMA promotion – sorry DC and Conor McGregor.

He clearly hasn’t lost his sense of rivalry either. Henderson is busy enough on social media these days and took some time to take a swipe at former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold on Instagram. It’s glorious. Take a look below.


Too Easy

Luke Rockhold is incredibly easy to make a joke out of  – Michael Bisping built the last quarter of his career off of doing so – and Henderson couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon. Rockhold was in attendance at UFC 226 where his friend and teammate Daniel Cormier was fighting for the UFC heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic.

Rockhold was noticeably all done up in Ralph Lauren’s finest products. As the face of the brand’s fragrances and underwear, it’s not really that surprising. He does love himself though, does Rockhold. A glance through his Instagram will show you a lot of underwear photos. Fair play to the dude, he’s got the body and we’re all jealous.


Epic Troll

Except for Henderson who decided to line up a picture of Rockhold side by side with his own wife. Both are wearing the same white trousers. Mrs. Henderson is looking very well in her perfectly fitted jeans it has to be said. Meanwhile, the light falling on Rockhold’s posterior makes it look like he’s wet himself. Hendo captioned the post:


It’s the last hashtag that just makes this hilarious. Hats off to you Mr. Henderson sir. You’ve done good.



Who knows… maybe this is Henderson getting ready for his comeback? Ok, it’s absolutely unlikely but not impossible. Afterall, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are on their way back and if Oscar De La Hoya threw a few hundred thousand at him to fight for his new pensioner promotions, then it could happen.

It would actually be an interesting match-up too if Rockhold and Henderson did fight. They’ve actually never met competitively which is insane. Rockhold has a glass chin, and Henderson has sledgehammers for fists. That’s not a kind pairing for the former middleweight champion. It’s not going to happen, but if it did who do you think would win?

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