Darren Till has become one of the most likeable fighters on the UFC roster. The Scouser has more personality than half of the other athletes in the game put together. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks. This was evident when he admitted that he even considered faking an injury before his fight with Kevin Gastelum.

This open admittance of insecurity won him a lot of praise from the MMA community. We all know Till is a bad man, so it was refreshing to hear him talk so candidly about the pressure he was under. It’s just as well that he did fight because he broke a two-fight losing streak by beating Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 244.

The Scouser has a fanatical following in his native Liverpool. Also, his social media game is very strong. Till has issued a hilarious response to the idea that he might fight Yoel Romero. It’s not exactly what you’d expect. Till definitely has no desire to take on the terrifying Cuban.

No Thanks

Nicknamed ‘The Gorilla,’ Till is known for his long reach and counter-striking game. He used this to great effect against Gastelum, executing his strategy perfectly. ‘The Gorilla’ played up to his nickname in one of his latest tweets. Now it’s possible he had had a few beers at the time, but this was brilliant.

In short, the GIF above shows a massive, muscular gorilla striding with purpose. But then the magnificent beast suddenly turns around and moves away quickly. Till captioned:

“Me when Romero replies.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Title Fight

It’s highly unlikely that the two will fight at this point anyway. Right now, it looks like Romero is going to get yet another title shot. Israel Adesanya was set to fight Paulo Costa, but the Brazilian is allegedly out injured. So, rather than hold up the division, ‘Stylebender’ wants to take on one of the scariest men in MMA.

Romero might be slightly past his prime, but nobody calls him out ever. He’s one of the most explosive knockout artists in the game and has ridiculous wrestling. Of course, Adesanya may be able to just pick him apart. Dana White was initially lukewarm about the fight, but he’s had a change of heart.

Of course, by the time that match-up comes around, Costa might actually be fit again. So don’t count the ridiculously muscular Brazilian out just yet. The middleweight division is heating up.

Gorilla v Reaper

Even if Till isn’t fighting Romero, there are no easy fights at 185lbs. It’s looking highly likely that he’ll fight Robert Whittaker next. ‘The Reaper’ just dropped his title to Adesanya. A win over the Ozzie would put Till in instant title contention. He called Whittaker out on Twitter:

“It’s currently 8.42am in Melbourne Australia, why aren’t you returning my calls Rob ? #HazeDer #IKnowYouAreAwake”

Whittaker is up for that one too. He responded in classic deadpan style:

“Sorry mate was pumping iron. See you in London @Mickmaynard2 @ufc”

Now that will be a fight.

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