Some Are Calling it the Biggest Upset Since Buster Douglas Defeated Mike Tyson… If You Had Money on Andy Ruiz You Might Agree… Now UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Has Had His Say on What Went Down in Madison Square Garden…

Many people still can’t believe what they saw. This was supposed to Anthony Joshua’s coming out party in America. The former Olympian with an Adonis-like body held four of the world’s major championships coming into his fight against late replacement Andy Ruiz Jr.

The man who is being called the ‘Mexican Butterbean’ on social media was not supposed to be competitive, nevermind win this fight. He had a much shorter stature and reach than Joshua, and definitely doesn’t look like a bodybuilder. Needless to say, he got the job done with four knockdowns in seven rounds.

Many people in the world of combat sports have reacted to this and now UFC commentator Joe Rogan has said his piece. You can bet that Ruiz will be making an appearance on the comedian’s podcast sometime in the near future.

Joe Rogan/Instagram.

Rogan Reacts

Rogan has seen a lot of fights throughout his days as a UFC commentator. While he may be directly involved in the world of MMA, he is a fan of almost all combat sports including boxing. Joshua’s former immediate rivals Tyson Fury and WBC champion Deontay Wilder have both been on Rogan’s podcast. Rogan wrote on Instagram:

“Nights like this are one of the many reasons why I love fights. Weird shit happens when people punch each other in the head. Most of the time when people ask me “who is going to win?” I say, “I don’t know. That’s why we have to see them fight.” I say that because I’m being honest. 
There are windows in time where you’re convinced you know the outcome. Where a king has lain waste to all who challenge his dominance, and you’re SURE he’s going to win a fight. Then, someone like @andy_destroyer13comes along and flips the whole thing right on its fucking head and shocks the world. 
I LOVE shit like that. 
Congrats to @andy_destroyer13 on an amazing victory.”


This was absolutely stunning. Joshua knocked Ruiz down in the second but then was sensationally dropped twice by the Mexican-American towards the end of the very same round. He was on wobbly legs through the next couple of rounds and just wasn’t on his game all night. His coach Rob McCracken could be heard practically begging him to use his ‘jab-one-two’ combo, but we didn’t see it at all.

Then in the seventh, Ruiz poured it on. He dropped Joshua again and knew that the fight was there to win. He went to town on the British fighter and floored him for a fourth and final time. Joshua went back to his corner. While he may have looked like he was able to continue, he didn’t respond to the referee properly, nor made a move towards the centre again and the fight was waved off.


Let this be a lesson to promoters trying to milk their fighters dry. All it takes is one punch and the best-laid plans are devastated. We could have had Wilder v Joshua last year, but instead, their camps messed about too much. Now that fight is out the window because of an extraordinary performance by Andy Ruiz Jr.

So many stories have focused on Joshua’s self-destruction. Andy Ruiz Jr. deserves more respect. What he achieved last night catapulted him into fame and riches that he could only have dreamt about before. He’s not supposed to be a heavyweight champion. Now he’s got four belts. What a hero.

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