‘The Motown Phenom’ Has Released a Lengthy Post on Instagram, Calling Out Conor McGregor… Get in Line Kevin…

Kevin Lee desperately needs a 165lb division to open up in the UFC. There’s no doubt that he has star potential and the ability to become an elite talent. Right now he’s hovering just below that level and his performances in the octagon have been somewhat affected by the tough weight cut down to the 155lb light division.

Case in point is his last fight against Al Iaquinta on December 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lost against ‘Ragin’ Al’ by three rounds to two, after his lack of fight IQ was exposed. Lee was the physically more imposing man on the night but he ended up getting worked over.

Now though, Lee has released a profanity-filled statement on Instagram, calling out Conor McGregor. We’ve got two words to say about this. Al Iaquinta. You just lost to Al Iaquinta. Stop.

Screenshot: Instagram.

Say What?

As you can see from the images above and below, Lee posted an image of Conor McGregor as a young boy in Instagram (a little creepy) and then wrote a lengthy statement, calling out the Irish fighter.

“I usually just stay in my lane but since n*ggas are putting out statements, let me take the time to say what I see from behind my eyes. A real proper b*tch is handed things over and over and never acknowledges it. A real proper b*tch avoids a challenge if it poses a real threat to its wellbeing.

A real proper b*tch’s fragile ego can’t handle defeat. It won’t hesitate to get on its knees for an opportunity to redeem itself. A real proper b*tch will ask for a handout from its governing body even when it possesses capable arms and legs to get it on its own.”

Screenshot: Instagram.


Lee must have been as high as a kite when he wrote this because surely he realizes that he has more chance of zombie Abraham Lincoln than Conor McGregor. He continued:

“Once a broke b*tch, always a broke b*tch. Money can’t make it real. I apologize for my rant, I see you @thenotoriousmma I’ll let you get back to rubbing your girls feet while you wait for @floydmayweather to call; I have my own work to do. 

I need to bounce back from my last fight. I want to risk my spot and fight somebody beneath me in the rankings that think they can beat me right now. Whoever is up for the challenge in the @ufc s lightweight division, call my people and we’ll make it happen.”

Mandatory Credit: Noah K Murray, USA TODAY Sports.

Not Happening

Lee is genuinely an intelligent and articulate guy. Watch his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience and you’ll probably agree with that. However, he clearly wasted ten minutes of his life when he came up with that post because it’s not happening. Ironically, he probably has more chance of beating McGregor than the man who just beat him, Al Iaquinta.

I wouldn’t get too excited about this one.

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