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Ultimate Fighter Contestant Bryce Mitchell Suffered One of the Most Unpleasant Injuries That You’ve Heard of… 

Bryce Mitchell is a UFC fighter who took part in the Ultimate Fighter season 27. The featherweight fighter was on Daniel Cormier’s team and would eventually go on to lose to the overall winner, Brad Katona, in the semi-final.

Now we’ve seen a whole host of nasty injuries in MMA including broken legs and arms, shattered jaws, bloody cuts, messed up eyes, cauliflower ears and lots more. However, Mitchell has somehow managed to inflict pain upon himself so bad that if you’re a man reading this, you might want to turn away now.

Somehow, he managed to slice through his scrotum with a power drill. Yes. He drilled through his nutsack. That’s without a doubt the most squeamish moment I’ve ever had writing an MMA story. It’s just horrific. A picture of his bloody underpants is below.

Horror Scenes

The bloodstains tell the whole story. A cruel twist of fate convinced him to do a bit of DIY instead of heading out to the gym. Folks, if ever you need to motivate yourself to train, just think to yourself: ‘if I stay at home I could drill through my nutsack. He tweeted:

“So I was gunna train today but I ripped my nutsack in half. im bout to get stitched up. i was holdn a board over my head with a drill in my pants. i was sizin up the board n the drill went off and tangled my nuts up n it. i dropped the board and reversed the drill and untangled my nutsack but they was ripped n half.

im serious too lol. i obviously cant post a pic. but wen my nuts r heald back up ima come train again. i think a high kick would re rip them again. and i hear any s****y puns bout how this whole this is nutty or screwed up i aint talkin to u for bout a month. if ure gunna drop a pun to make fun of me at least put sum thot into lol.”


Despite the fact that he literally could have died – there are massive arteries in that part of the body – Mitchell was still able to make light of the situation. I mean if you get your scrotum tangled up in a drill, then I guess you sort of have to own the situation.

He was very upset about ruining his boxers though. Mitchell responded to one tweet saying:

“I’m good brotherman. Those were a good pair of boxers though so that sux.”


Never fear, MeUndies is here to save the day. After tweeting his disappointment that a perfectly good pair of boxers had been ruined by his stupidity, MeUndies decided that they would save the day and give his abused scrotum the comfort it deserves. They tweeted:

“Yikes… DM us your info, Bryce. We got you.”

Isn’t that nice?

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