Khabib Nurmagamedov Will Always Have Bragging Rights Over Conor McGregor and He Was Quick to Silence the Irishman After He Wrote a Lengthy and Profanity-Ridden Message on Instagram… See Khabib’s Ruthless Response Below… 

UFC 229 did not go Conor McGregor’s way. It was set to be his big comeback after two years out of the octagon. However, he ended up consolidating Khabib Nurmagamedov’s status as the UFC’s most invincible fighter. The second round of their fight was possibly the most brutally one-sided beating that McGregor has ever taken.

It doesn’t seem to have affected McGregor’s popularity though. His whiskey sold-out across the US and Europe over Christmas. His personality remains his biggest asset as he inspires passion in his incredibly loyal fans. Meanwhile, he frequently sneers his former opponents and rivals online.

However, you can’t attack someone online if you haven’t beaten them in real life. McGregor is finding this out for real because Khabib has just blasted him with an Instagram post reminding him of how he was viciously beaten. You can see the images below.

One of the two images Khabib Nurmagamedov posted targeting Conor McGregor. Instagram.


In a very abusive post, McGregor targeted Khabib, as well as his own former training partner Paulie Malignaggi. He’s had vocal feuds with both of these men in the past. McGregor wrote:

“Let the record show. I like Paulie Malinaggi. Here is a confrontation between us regarding a picture he was upset about. Yes you heard that right. A picture. I told him here to his face. “Don’t be bitching.” Common knowledge I would think for a fighting man. Don’t be a bitch, bitching. The same thing I said to khabib at the end of round 3. My round.  Don’t be bitching! Every single round bitching to the referee. He was even bitching in the fourth round from mount position. It baffled me. 

If anyone should have been saying anything to the referee, it should have been me in that 1st round. That round he held onto my legs for four minutes straight. With zero activity. But a fight is a fight who gives a f**k. Crying to the referee like a proper bitch. I was trying to dig my fingers into his Adams Apple. Many individuals in the fight business, I have learned lately, are absolute bitches. I know you’s are broke boys. But don’t be broke bitches.”

One of the two images Khabib Nurmagamedov posted, targeting Conor McGregor. Instagram.


Khabib has no time for McGregor’s fixation on the past – especially when he crushed him in front of the world. The message was clear and simple from the Russian champion. Unless he can prove himself in the future, McGregor is going to have to endure the shame of this for the rest of his life like a very bad hangover. He wrote:

“You will live with this shame all your life, bi…”

Ouch. Khabib wins.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


It’s widely believed that Conor McGregor is one win away from a rematch with the Dagestani sambo fighter. He’s been linked to rematches against the likes of Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway in recent weeks, with Al Iaquinta and Donald Cerrone other less glamorous possibilities.

Khabib will definitely feel confident though. Not only has he beaten ‘The Notorious’ once, but he’s also in the Irishman’s head.

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