Tony Ferguson is a Legend And Arguably the Most Dangerous Lightweight on the Planet Right Now… Except for Khabib Nurmagamedov… Now ‘The Eagle’s’ Manager Ali Abdelaziz Has Slated the Former Interim Champion on Twitter… El Cucuy Issued a Brutal Response… 

It’s been a tough road to the top for Tony Ferguson. The former UFC interim champion has run through a whole line of killers and holds the longest winning streak in the lightweight division. After a horrible LCL injury caused him to be stripped of his interim belt, he fell down the line of challengers for current champ Khabib Nurmagamedov.

Now after recovering from mental health issues, he’s set to take on one of the most dangerous challenges yet. Donald Cerrone looks like a different fighter since his return to lightweight and both men will know that the winner is likely to get the next shot at the winner of Khabib v Dustin Poirier.

Khabib and Ferguson were booked four times to fight. However, weight issues and injuries caused each bout to be cancelled to the dismay of fight fans around the world. ‘El Cucuy’ isn’t getting any younger so hopefully, this fight will happen soon. And now he’s stoked the tensions between their camps with a ruthless response to Ali Abdelaziz on Twitter.

Bad Move

Ali Abdelaziz is notorious for being one of the most vocal promoters in the game. He makes a show out of how close he is to the fighters he represents. Many fans dislike the Egyptian, who represents three UFC champions, including Khabib, Kamaru Usman, and Henry Cejudo. He also represents Justin Gaethje. Abdelaziz slammed Ferguson on Twitter, as well as Conor McGregor – but nobody cares about him anymore apparently. He tweeted:

“The real champion fighting the number one contender & a clown fighting a cowboy & a quitter fighting someone who will take his soul away @Justin_Gaethje @TonyFergusonXT @DustinPoirier @TeamKhabib.”

Tony Ferguson out strikes former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in a dominant performance. Etzel Espinosa-USA TODAY Sports.


Ferguson is one of the most eccentric individuals on the roster. He really doesn’t care about what people think about them and comes out with the most ludicrous posts on social media. You can bet that he didn’t take kindly to Abdelaziz slamming him on Twitter. He responded and it was ruthless:

“Ain’t No Clowning Around You Fake F—k @AliAbdelaziz00. You Better Leave My Name Out Of Your Mouth Before I Mop The Mat With Your Sorry Ass. You Ain’t S—t W/ Out Your Homeboys Ya Snitch. No Pride, No Guts, Just Like Your Paper Chump @TeamKhabib See You In Person Soon.”

If Khabib and Tony do finally end up fighting, then their rivalry is already intensifying.

Donald Cerrone. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


Of course, Ali being Ali couldn’t resist responding to ‘El Cucuy’ one more time. He’s definitely taking a chance though by telling Ferguson to do something about it next time he sees him. The former interim champion is not a guy to mess with and really could. He tweeted:

“You fighting on the under card June 8 Focus on that and shut your mouth Talk is Cheap next time you see me do Something about it punk boy.”

Abdelaziz also needs to realise that nobody likes him. Sure, he’s a good promoter, but at the end of the day, the sport is about the fighters, not a promoter pretending to be tough.

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