PICS: UFC Fans Are Furious Right Now With ‘Sellout’ Joe Rogan

By Dazzler

Censorship and Selling Out… Fans of the UFC and the Joe Rogan Experience are Blasting the Famous Comedian and Commentator Right Now, After Jeff Novitzky’s Controversial Appearance on Joe Rogan’s Podcast…

Joe Rogan’s name is almost synonymous with the UFC. Most people probably recognize him these days from his role as a commentator for the world’s biggest MMA promotion, and for his enormously successful podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience has the same amount of followers as the Republic of Ireland has people. It’s enormously far-reaching and people are desperate for the exposure that being on the show gives you.

Rogan’s shows initially found success because of their long-form format. This allowed for long, honest conversations, where he could get into the heart of intimate matters with guests as diverse as clinical psychologist and academic Jordan Peterson, ultramarathon runners, hunters, comedians and a host of MMA fighters like Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley.

Now though, fans are furious with Rogan after his latest MMA show interview with the UFC’s Vice-President for Athlete health and Performance Jeff Novitzky. Fans are accusing Rogan, and his producer Jamie Vernon of censoring comments, and basically being the UFC’s schills as they reacted to the latest Jon Jones incident. Check out some of the furious reactions below.

Screenshot: Youtube.


One of the main criticisms from fans was that ‘The UFC sponsored this podcast.” If you check out the comment section underneath the JRE MMA Show #53 with Jeff Novitzky, you’ll see many fans have written this. This is because it keeps getting deleted by ‘Young’ Jamie. The censorship was definitely one of the biggest things that fans were infuriated by because Rogan claims to be such proponent of free speech. Check out some of these reactions:

Casey C.: “Dana is standing behind them with cards to read off of.”

Ian Weston: “Shouldn’t have done this podcast. If you can’t ask real questions because it will upset your employer you should simply not do the podcast.”

Zachalou: “Watched this podcast last night, came back to reply and they really are deleting comments. not doing yourselves any favors mr ufc.”

Screenshot: Youtube.


As you can see, we’re not exaggerating. Just scroll down through the comment section on the video yourself. We’ve never seen such a wave of negativity on a JRE episode. The other aspect that many fans were angry with, was the actual content. Now whether or not you believe Jon Jones is innocent or not – that’s irrelevant. However, they definitely copped out with some of the explanations:

Jack Cunningham: “It’s literally like they pretend that Jon Jones has never cheated in his life”

Blue Peter: “Joe…….why you arguing over amounts……….the fact is he took drugs, plain and simple?, I like the way they say “He`s known to party” if any other sport had heard that confession from an athlete……he/she would have been banned for years?”

Yuri Alter Snziacki: “That was the most cringe-worthy pod I have ever heard. I love Joe and I love JRE, but this was sickening to listen to…”


Rogan is worth about $20 million so you can bet he won’t really care that much. It will be interesting to see how he reacts in the future though and whether or not the style of his podcasts will change. If they’re going to censor comments like that, they might as well just disable them in the first place and stop pretending to be such free speech lovers.

Meanwhile, Jon Jones will fight Alexander Gustafsson for the light-heavyweight title in Inglewood, California, at the Forum on Saturday night, after it was moved from Las Vegas. They didn’t seem to care much about the thousands of fans who got screwed over either…