Raw Video: The Bus Driver Would Have Died If It Wasn’t For This Disabled Boy


This was the scene the driver was confronted with. On a quiet night, nobody else in sight, and a young man jumps on the bus for a ride. It turned out the passenger wanted more than a trip down memory lane with the driver though.

Watch the video on the Youtube player below:

YouTube video

The crazed dude pulls out a knife in an attempt to rob the driver’s fare money, and all hell breaks loose. It looks as though the driver is helpless, but a young boy comes in from off camera and strikes the robber.

Distracted, the criminal gets caught in a full nelson hold by the driver, the whole time still trying to stab the man for defending himself. The young disabled by opens the doors, helps kick the man off the bus and then shares a touching fist bump with the driver. What a story.

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