It looks like the trend is here to stay…

At UFC 214 the light-heavyweight title changed hands in an epic main event. Following another lengthy run-up, Daniel Cormier finally got his chance for revenge against Jon Jones. But it was ‘Bones’ who came away smiling.

Knocking out his rival and claiming back the title, Jones made a big statement in his long-awaited comeback. Instantly the talk of A rematch with Alexander Gustafsson was thrown around.

Jones, however, had other plans. Engaging in banter with former heavyweight champion and WWE star Brock Lesnar before UFC 214, Jones pursued the fight again after beating ‘DC.’

Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, two men from different weight classes currently in different sports, are likely to fight…sound familiar?

But What About Stipe?

Another man who’s had Jones’ name in his mouth is Stipe Miocic. Labeled ‘The Baddest Man on The Planet,’ Miocic is one of the most impressive heavyweight champs in recent history.

Why does Jones have this fascination of fighting a currently suspended (USADA) and inactive former champion, rather than the current boss? Yes, you guessed it. Here’s Jones’ coach quite literally admitting they’d rather get paid against Brock than lose to Stipe:

YouTube video

“Jon is a light heavyweight, so you can’t ask somebody just to step up and fight the best in the world at heavyweight and forgo the money fight against someone who they think they can beat. Jon said it himself, he thinks a good big man always beats a good smaller man. Jon Jones said that himself in a press conference.

Do I think Jon thinks he can beat Stipe? Yeah. Do I think he might have said it? Yes. But I like the Brock Lesnar fight for right now. And we need to work on some skills and get some weight on Jon before he fights with Stipe, because I think that Stipe is a harder fight.”

Quite the shameless statement there. Whereas Brock Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman had a more cryptic approach to his client’s possible UFC return:

Will Jon Jones appear to challenge Brock Lesnar at Summerslam? F*ck it, why not…

“One of two things happens this Sunday at SummerSlam,” Heyman said. “One, the conspiracy by WWE General Manager Kurt Angle is successful and they rip the Universal title off of my client Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman leave the WWE. And if that is the case I assure you that you might as well lock this beast up in a cage!”

Lesnar goes into a ‘fatal 4-way’ match this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. Jones really gave the feud legitimacy (ish) during his post-fight victory speech at UFC 214:

“Brock Lesnar,” Jones announced during his post-fight interview. “If you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by a guy who weighs 40 pounds less than you meet me in the Octagon.”

Money continues to be the motivation to compete for the UFC’s stars. Can we blame them with the limite3d sponsorships and reportedly bad pay checks from the UFC?

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