Round 1 Terence starts with an orthodox stance. Both boxers feeling each and other out and reading their range and timing. Terence landed body shots that will favor in the later rounds. Meanwhile, Brook has landed crispers jabs and shown good head movement. I score the first round, for Brook.

Round 2 Terence switches stance to southpaw and will try to confuse Brook. Crawford had shown more success as a southpaw, also he is the timing for a perfect counter.  Crawford is also being hesitant due to the jabs of Brook. The second round is much closer and is more difficult to score. Either fighter gets it but I score it for Crawford.

Round 3 Terence still remains southpaw but Brook had better success. The right straight of Brook’s is disrupting Crawford’s rhythm. Crawford’s right eye is showing mild swelling as well. Round 3 goes to Brook.

Round 4 A minute into the round, Crawford lands a right jab or mix of hook that stunned Brook. Brook immediately lost his legs and moved to the ropes. The referee gave him a standing knockdown count and gave him a chance. Crawford then finished him with a flurry of combos forcing the ref to stop the fight.


The interesting part is what is next for Bud Crawford, who will he fight next? Will he remain in Top Rank or change promotions. The smarter move would be to test free agency and check who gives the best offer for his legacy and stability.

As for the co-main event, it featured the rematch of Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney. The first match was a close fight and ended in a decision. During the first match, Franco scored a knockdown in round 11. The knockdown became the deciding factor for the results. Back to the rematch, there was a controversial ending. Even though the swelling of the eye was the reason the fight was stopped, it was due to punches landed and not by a clash of heads. The commission declared that it was due to a clash of heads and it ruled it has a no contest. The results favored Franco because he will just retain the belt, meanwhile, Moloney who landed the best punches and worked his butt off will go home with no belt. Promoter Bob Arum is furious with the decision of the commission.

This the reason people hate boxing, the incompetence and corruption of the athletic commission ruins the sport. 99% of the boxing community would agree that it should have been ruled a win for Moloney.

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