Don’t Mess With the Diaz Brothers… Comedian Marlon Wayans Explains How They Demolished Their Opponents in a Random Street Fight…

You might remember this story from a few weeks back. Comedian Marlon Wayans revealed that the Diaz Brothers were involved in a random street fight. Did their opponents stand a chance against two seasoned and aggressive MMA fighters? Of course not. They were demolished.

The Diaz Brothers are two of the most popular fighters on the UFC roster today. Even though they haven’t fought for more than two years, they remain cult heroes to a lot of people, because of their trademark brashness and lack of respect for authority. Don’t mess with the Skrap Pack.

Now Wayans has further expanded on the story of how Nick and Nate absolutely annihilated the poor guys who thought it was a smart idea to start something with them. Bad move chaps. Bad move indeed.

No Chance

Wayans, being a professional comedian, was able to tell the story very entertainingly on Sirius XM. You can listen to the full interview above. He set the scene. Basically, the Diaz brothers didn’t start anything, but they definitely finished it. Nick was the primary aggressor. Wayans explained:

“I said listen chill. Y’all don’t want this. “Who you talking about? You want this, I f**k them up. You want this, I f**k you up after. I just tell jokes. These two dudes are like the Wayans Brothers of MMA, they ain’t telling jokes, they cracking motherf**kers teeth.”

As members of the Skrap Pack, the tightest group in MMA, the Diaz Brothers don’t mess about when it comes to watching each other’s backs. If you mess with one, the next thing you know is half the male population of Stockton is stomping on your head.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte, USA TODAY Sports.


The idiots who thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with two of incredibly violent and loyal professional fighters soon learned the hard way that they had made a terrible mistake. Wayans revealed:

“There’s only two of them, we’d need four. And they’re like I don’t give a f**k, let me go, let me go. I said alright. Within 3 seconds, I swear, maybe 8, he grabbed the guy in like a rear-naked choke – it was a guillotine – gave him knees to the gut, the guy turned around, he elbowed him in his back.

The guy was like yo chill chill chill. Elbow to the face. Boom. Game over. And like his brother beat up the other guy. He hit one more dude and the other dudes run over and were like ‘yo why?’ I said I told you jackass!”

Hard Lesson

A few more idiots learn the hard way that you just should not mess with professional fighters. They’re highly trained. You have no chance. Just don’t do it. The Diaz Brothers are quite busy right now, albeit for different reasons. Nick is in trouble with the law after allegedly battering his on-off girlfriend.

However, Nate has much better news. His long-term girlfriend, Misty Brown just gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations to him and all the best from ScrapDigest. Let’s hope it gets him back into an octagon soon.

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